Honey Bees!!

Kenan and I have been researching honey bees for a while now.  The benefits of raw honey alone are amazing for health. Whether you eat it or use it topically the uses are limitless!  Kenan suffers from seasonal allergies. He gets a couple of shots a year if not more. While looking for more natural alternatives to allergy meds and steroid shots.  My sister-in-law, Kara, over at Home With Purpose told us about her research and use of local raw honey.

We were hooked!

Since moving out to the country, bees have been on our top 10 list of things we NEED!   Some of our children’s friends and cousins stumbled upon a beehive in a tree in the back of the property.  Very sweet bees.  I would not recommend trying to play with them like I did.   I didn’t get stung but still, probably not a smart move for this novice bee “keeper”.

Here lately we’ve seen an increase in bee activity around the house.

We were given a chicken feeder by some of our good friends. It’s a yard feeder that holds a 50# bag of chicken feed.  The girls don’t eat much scratch or pellets though.  They prefer to free range, which makes our eggs taste delicious!!

We noticed that for some reason all of the chicken feed was getting drug out of the feeder and on the ground.  Odd, I thought, I dumped the feeder thinking that maybe it was just a bad batch or had held moisture from our rain a few weeks back.  I picked up another bag of feed, filled the feeder.  Within an hour I went back outside and the SAME thing had happened! Feed was everywhere BUT this time, I found the culprits in action!


Bees at our Chicken Feeder!

Bees at our Chicken Feeder!



The next day I went over to my friend Angi’s house. Her family keeps bees and does bee removal.  I was given a Honey Bee 101 course.  Aren’t I cute?

Geared up for a feeding!

Geared up for a feeding!

I learned a lot from my friends that day.  Go check out Angi’s blog for more info on their adventures in bee keeping!

The next day I made bee food.  Sugar, water, and honey! Easy enough for this lady!  And the bee feeder? It’s an old dog food bowl with sticks in it.  The sticks float so the bees can land on them, eat, and not drown. (I had a DUH moment with my friend, Gabriel told me this.)  Simple AND easy!

So here’s a few pics of our “pet” bees. lol!

Honey Bees

Close UP!

Close UP!


Another Good Close Up!!

Another Good Close Up!!


And then I fed them BEE food!

My "fancy" bee feeder!

My “fancy” bee feeder!


And then.. THEY FEAST!


Feeding Frenzy

Feeding Frenzy!


Needless to say, I am steadily feeding these bees and we can’t wait until we have our own hives set up to harvest some delicious raw honey!!

Until next time… Stay thirsty my friends.

Drink Up Ladies

Drink Up Ladies


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I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I have 5 kids who are amazing. I enjoy home schooling, gardening, and living my simple farm life. My mother went home to be with Jesus in 2013. Through pain and heartache my husband and I started on a new adventure that is changing our lives. Pink Zebra. After less than 4 short months with the company, I promoted 3 times. I am now an Executive Manager and Kenan is a Manager! Kenan and I love working for such a great company and meeting so many new people. Sprinkles of Faith is dedicated in loving memory of my mother. Check out my website to learn more about Pink Zebra. sprinklesoffaith.com "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23

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