Tomorrow, Tomorrow! It’s Only a Day Away!

Can you believe that we are almost in October? This year is flying by!

Tomorrow is your last chance to take advantage of Pink Zebra’s sign up special! Only 3 years old and we are almost at 20,000 Consultants! WOOHOO!  You can view how many Consultants are in your area here.  Simply enter your zip code!

Pink Zebra Enrollment Kit

You can click on the picture above to join me team.

Kenan and I have made a huge jump this month.  It’s very exciting to see how much it is growing. Our fearless Founder’s Tom and Kelly Gaines explained to us the growth rate.  Until you see it happening it kind of seems like a dream.  Then this Fall our numbers and team started growing.  We are very close to hitting our 100th team member!  That was our goal by the end of December!  We are in shock and awe of God.

So for those first time viewers or those who have heard of Pink Zebra but have never really understood what it is.. Here is the definition straight from our VP’s mouth.

What Is Pink Zebra

I love the way Colby defines it here. Simple and straight to the point.  Our soy wax sprinkles are the size of pellets.  Buy two jars of sprinkles, you have 3 scents.  Since they are so tiny they are easy to mix fragrances. 1tbs is the normal serving size. You get 10-12 tbs out of one 3.75oz. jar of sprinkles.  Each tbs last approx. 40 hours. That’s about 400 hours of fragrance all for $8. Yeah, it’s SO worth it. 

You can also become a mad scientist like me and mix scents.  It’s what I do for fun. 

Pink Zebra Recipes Mixed

As a Consultant, I can purchase empty jars from Pink Zebra. $4.80 will get you a 6 pack.  I then use those to let my creative juices flow.  I only sell and mix tried and true recipes.  Anything new I come up with, I burn first.  I don’t want to sell a jar of Sprinkles that looks amazing, even smells good in the jar, but then once you throw a little in your warmer it smells like cold pizza. Gag! 

What about our warmers?

Pink Zebra how to

Pink Zebra offers a full line of Simmering Lights (Shown above). These allow you to light your house all while burning your favorite scent. I have one of these in each bedroom.  They work fantastic as a nightlight and add to the decor of my kiddos room.  The boys have an orange base in their room with the Modern Lantern Shade over it. Their room is in camo so the orange looks good.  The girls have purple in their room.  They switch out their shades all the time. So if I told you which one was in there right now, I’d be lying. They are all getting starter kits for their 18th birthday so they can leave my PZ alone! hehe!

We also offer Simmer Pots which do not take a light bulb! These are great space savers! You can view our entire catalog here.

Don’t overlook our reed diffusers!  We are in the process of selling our RV right now.  It smells like apples!  I didn’t want potential buyers walking into a musky smelling space. Now it smells like an orchard. Ahhh! 

Pink Zebra RV home fragrance

Reed Diffusers are also great in the work place!

Air Freshener Pink Zebra

These are great sellers and look great in any room! 

I hope this answered some of your questions about what Pink Zebra is and how our products can meet your needs. I could go on and on. But I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom.

Thank you for stopping by. Kenan and I appreciate all that you do for us. Your support is amazing.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.

Dare to Be brave Pink Zebra

Happiness - Pink Zebra

You can visit us online at! 


Kenan and Emily


About Sprinkles of Faith

I am wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I have 5 kids who are amazing. I enjoy home schooling, gardening, and living my simple farm life. My mother went home to be with Jesus in 2013. Through pain and heartache my husband and I started on a new adventure that is changing our lives. Pink Zebra. After less than 4 short months with the company, I promoted 3 times. I am now an Executive Manager and Kenan is a Manager! Kenan and I love working for such a great company and meeting so many new people. Sprinkles of Faith is dedicated in loving memory of my mother. Check out my website to learn more about Pink Zebra. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as for the Lord, not for men." Colossians 3:23

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