January Pink Zebra! Goodbye 2015!

What an amazing year 2015 turned out to be on the business front. Pink Zebra has contunied to change our lives and the lives of so many others!!

In November Kenan promoted to Manager and I finally hit Executive Manager. A goal I had set 2 years prior but refused to give up on! Our team broke records in November by selling over $52k in product! Absolutely amazing. God is so good!

This year we are looking forward to even more blessings and growth. Pink Zebra is definetly the right place add he right time.

Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to join a family of men and women who truly care about you. Not just what you can do for them!!!

I encourage you to do some research and see if Pink Zebra is right for you!


Want a free sample of the product? Email me and I will send you out a catalog and samples! 


About Kenan's Corner

I'm a country boy from the South. I love to hunt, shoot guns, and work the land! Husband and father to 5 children. I love God with all my heart. Follow my wife, Emily and I, on our journey with Pink Zebra Home and network marketing.

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