Summer Flash Sale!

Pink Zebra is getting ready for Fall. What does that mean?

13 Sprinkles and 9 Accent Shades on sale… Up to 75% Off!

Don’t miss your favorites!

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God Bless,

Emily Dibrell

Pink Zebra

Executive Manager

Independent Consultant


Up to 50% Off – NEW Outlet Store!

Pink Zebra just announced the opening of our new outlet store!! Who doesn’t love a good deal? Hop on over to my website and see if your favorite item is back and on sale!!

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Less than 90 days until Christmas!!!

God Bless,

Emily Dibrell 

Executive Manager 

Pink Zebra-Independent Consultant 

Sprinkles of Faith

It’s Like Joining Pink Zebra FREE!

Have you been on the fence about joining a Direct Sales company? I know I had reservations when signing up with Pink Zebra. I know I needed more income and basically something new. Anyone else?

I believe you will absolutely love your new business! So much so Kenan and I want to help you get started! We are giving $100 in FREE product to anyone who joins our team in January!  No we aren’t crazy, we just love this business and want to see you succeed!

What do you have to do? It’s easy, just head over to our website Sprinkles of Faith at the top of the page click the Join Now button. Fill out the information and BOOM. You’re a Consultant! Starter kits start at $99. You’ll receive over $240 worth of product from Pink Zebra and $100 from us!

One more exciting perk! Hit your Quick Start 1 and receive not only $75 in Pink Dollars from Pink Zebra, we will send you an additional $100 in product as a congratulation gift for launching your new business! 

Again, no we aren’t crazy. Well, maybe a little. Since joining in 2013 we’ve seen so many lives change and our love for the product just keeps growing. When you are as passionate about something as we are you just can’t help but share it! Our team has grown to over 300 in just 2 years. Won’t you join us and make 2016 a memorable life changing year?

Email us for more details at or call us at 361-571-6297

Emily Dibrell
Executive Manager – Pink Zebra
Independent Consultant

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October Blessings – Pink Zebra

This morning I sat down and looked at what God was doing in our business last year at this time and what He’s doing this year.  I am in shock an awe!  Last October we welcomed 16 new team members to our family!  This year SO FAR we have welcomed 16 new team members!!!  I was in completel shock! It’s only the 10th of the month!!

Each and every day our team is growing and shaping into such a beautiful tree!  Such a wonderful testimony of His love for us and for those on our team.   Pink Zebra as a whole is continuing to grow and grow.  These past two years have been such an amazing journey and it just keeps getting better.

I want to welcome all of our new family members to our team!! We love each and everyone of you!!  We have an amazing upline. Dana and Liz are just out of this world fabulous!!  Dana is a Director and Liz is an Executive Manager.  Executive Manager is the title that we are working towards right now.  We are so close and Kenan and I have a really good feeling about that promotion coming about soon.  SO many lives are changing on our team. So many doors are opening, so many lives being blessed, so many stregnthening in faith.  It’s awesome to watch.

We would LOVE to have you on our team as we keep on this amazing path to the top!  We want you with us!!!

I hope each and everyone of you reading this has a wonderful and fantastic weekend.  Shoot me an email and let me know!!

We are offering a special joining bonus this month.. contact us to find out what it is! We want to help you get the best start to your business!!

Pink Zerba Sprinkle Boldly

Our enrollement kits are on sale this month!! Woohoo!! Who doesn’t love a sale? I DO!

Pink Zebra Join Enrollment Kit Sale

Click the Picture Above

Visit us at SPRINKLESOFFAITH.COM to learn all of the wonderful products, opportunities, and life changing offers Pink Zebra has!!!

Have a very blessed weekend!!!

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

Pink Zebra Strong Women

Pink Zebra – Discounted Enrollement Kits

So just when I thought our Fall could not get any better, Pink Zebra has surprised us again!!! They went and discounted BOTH starter kits! What?

So let me ask you, do need extra money?  Umm.. who doesn’t right?  Do you like candles and home fragrance?  What could you do with an extra $100 a month? What would you give to fire your boss and set your own hours? What would you give for financial freedom?   Some of the answers are probably the same as ours were! Anything!

Pink Zebra just turned 4 years old.  We are still very new and need your help spreading the word of how amazing our Sprinkles are!!!  Think about if you would have joined Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware when they first started? In their first 5 years?!  Direct Sales is growing and becoming more and more common for men and women to join and work as a side business.  The rate for turning DS into a full time job!  It happens all the time and we’ve seen so many women and couples quit their full time jobs and just work Pink Zebra since we started just a couple years ago.

I pray that I would have the elegant writing skills to convey to you how much this company has truley changed our lives! I remember praying and screaming to God, what now? After my mom passed away it was just a question I asked God for almost 6 months straight.. What now?  Never in a million years did I think the answer was going to be a direct sales company!! He sure knows best and His ways are far above our ways.

So.. if you’re looking for a way to bring in more income, looking for a side buisness to start to fire your boss eventually, looking for a hobby, looking to feed your candle addiction at a discounted price, looking to connect with amazing men and women from all over the U.S., looking to travel more, looking to get into the fairs and craft shows, looking to help with fundraising needs, looking to help single moms in need with scholarships and daycare, then you have found a great company!

If you have any questions at all, email me at – I have an exclusive join special myself!  Ask me how you can earn your kit for FREE!

Follow us on Facebook at Sprinklesoffaith, add me as a friend on Facebook or visit our website at Sprinkles of



Pink Zebra Join Enrollment Kit Sale

Click the Picture Above

72 Hour Join Special

Pink Zebra’s starter kits are on sale for 72 hours!! On top of that I’m offering an extra $50 in free product to help jump start your business! That’s how much I believe you will fall in love with this amazing company!!!!!!!

Kids back in school? Looking to earn some extra Christmas money? We’ve got all the tools you need to launch a successful business this fall! Fire your boss!

 join Pink Zebra Sale 
You can visit me online at or email me at with any questions! I look forward to hearing from you!!! 


Emily Dibrell

Thinking of Joining Pink Zebra?

Have you been on the fence about Pink Zebra?  Checked it out a few times and thought, that’s cute.  What are you waiting for?  Pink Zebra has announced an awesome join special running now until 7/29!  $25 off either kit. Regular price $99 or $199.  PLUS you get an extra $25 in Free Product of YOUR choice.  How?  Pink Dollars!! Pink Dollars are in store credit.  Want that extra shade or that carton of Sprinkles… well, it’s yours!  This is the best sign up special I have seen in a while.  Remember, Kenan and I will be celebrating 2 years with Pink Zebra next month, so you will be joining a team of top leaders that will help you every step of the way!!  Now to sound like an infomercial… BUT WAIT, ACT NOW and when you personally sponsor someone to join your team and they hit their quick start 1, not only will they receive $75 Pink Dollars, YOU will receive DOUBLE POINTS for our 2016 incentive trip!!!!  Details to be released at reunion August 2-3!  Remember out beautiful trip to Jamaica that we earned last year?  Here’s a reminder..

Pink Zebra Family Dinner

Pink Zebra Family Dinner

Famous Negril Jamaica Sunset from the Sandals Resort

Famous Negril Jamaica Sunset from the Sandals Resort

Yes, we found paradise!  Wow!  I could go on and on again about the amazing 5 days we spent in Jamaica but I’ll spare you.  I cannot wait to find out where we are going to go next year!  Pink Zebra has had a total of 3 incentive trips since it’s birth in 2011. I have been told that each year it gets better and better.  I don’t see how they could top Jamaica but the PZ crew is top notch and they always blow us away every time.

So… $25 off your kit for over $240 worth of product (basic kit), $25 Pink Dollars to purchase whatever products you want, plus if you get a friend, family member, etc., to join your team and they hit their Quick Start 1, then you get DOUBLE points towards our incentive trip!  Seriously?! What have you got to lose?

Why join pink zebra

Click on the image above to join our team!!!

Click on the image above to join our team!!!

Thanks for stopping by!  If you know anyone who loves candles, send them our way.  Shop, host, or join!  We want you in our family!!!

Blessings Upon Blessings!

Emily Dibrell

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