Pink Zebra Kit Sale!!

Pink Zebra has announced a kit special for a limited time only!!!!! 

For more information please feel free to message me, email me, or visit my website.  

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Emily Dibrell 

Executive Manager 

Pink Zebra-IndependentConsultant 

FREE Sprinkles with Halloween Offer Plus FREE Shipping!

Are you in the mood for Fall? Start preparing now. Pink Zebra released a limited edition Halloween shade today!! Purchase this awesome Poison Bottle shade and recieve a free jar of Haunting Musk! Retail value $48.

Email me to snag this bundle and receive FREE Shipping!!

This offer will only last for 48 hours!! August 24-26th!! Don’t miss out. 

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Happy Almost Fall,

Emily Dibrell 

Executive Manager 

Pink Zebra-Independent Consultant

Pink Zebra is Coming to Canada!

Since joining Pink Zebra 3 years ago I have been asked countless times. When are you coming to Canada? Well I finally have an answer.  2017 we will be there!!

My eyes filled with tears when our Co-Founder, Tom Gaines announced our 5 year plan at our 2016 Family Reunion in Vegas.  Canada, UK, and China are on the near horizon for us. Australia, Mexico and 20 other countries are in the works. Going international is a huge step for our company. 

One awesome bit of news that really excites me is that our consultants now will have the opportunity to build their teams in these countries!! Meaning if you’re currently living in the U.S. once we open up to Canada, you have the opportunity to build your team there!!! How exciting is that.  Our growth is going to be fenominal!! You can be a part of it!!!

If you’ve been on the fence about joining,  now is the perfect time! If you have any questions please feel free to email me or find me on Facebook.  I’d be more than happy to help you see if this journey is for you!!

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Have a blessed and rocking day!! Sprinkle On!!

God Bless,

Emily Dibrell 

Executive Manager 

Pink Zebra Independent Consultant 

Join Pink Zebra and Save!!

For a limited time only you can join one of the fastest growing Direct Sales companies in the U.S. for a discounted price!! Pink Zebra is celebrating 5 years in business next month. We invite you to join us on this journey!!!

Why join? 

The best time to join a Direct Sales company is when said company has.less than 100,000 consultants.  Pink Zebra just broke 37,000. What does that mean for you? There’s so much room for growth. We are the brink of the momentum stage and in 2017 we will be branching into Canada!! We are allowed to start our teams there once it is opened!!! That’s huge!

People join a Direct Sales company for 4 main reasons.

 1. The Kit Napper – They want the kit. The starter kits are loaded with between  $200-400+ worth of Pink Zebra goodies. That’s a great bang for your buck to sample our products. 

2. The Discounter- They join to recieve Consultant pricing on all products! If your a candle nut or wax junkie.  The 25% off all products can really save your bank account!!

3. The Hobbyist- They join to help full in the time gaps. These are usually retired men and women, mom’s who have sent their kids back to school in the fall, empty nester, etc. Pink Zebra is a great opportunity to fill in the time gap and put some extra money in your pocket.  

4. The Career Consultant- They join with the hopes and goals of changing their future.  The “American Dream” just isn’t working for them anymore.  Paycheck to paycheck has become repetitive. They study and research. They want to be their own boss, control their own paycheck,  and dream of firing their boss one day. Many of the first three I mentioned turn into a career consultant.  Several in Pink Zebra have already achieved this financial freedom in less than 5 years. You absolutely can too.

If you’re considering joining, what number would you classify yourself in. 

We are here to help you. Whatever your goals may be. I PROMISE not judging if you’re in catagory one. Take the kit and run. We don’t mind. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to having you in the family!!
God Bless,

Emily Dibrell 

Executive Manager 

Pink Zebra-Independent Consultant

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