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Christmas in July Sale!

Kenan and I are hosting our semi-annual sale!  Our new Catalog is launching at the end of July and we are blowing out inventory!!!

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Celebrate the Red, White, and Blue!

Pink Zebra just released for a limited time only our American Flag and Camo Simmering Light!

Pick your base color! White, black, or woodgrain!

Paired with oh so yummy Blueberry Scones Sprinkles!!

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Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Pink Zebra has thrown out a kit sale you dont want to miss! If you’ve been on the fence about joining us on our journey. Here is a little extra incentive!

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Mother’s Day is Coming!

Pink Zebra nailed it again with this adorable Mother’s Day bundle. Spoil mom or the women in your life with this adorable Simmer Pot and Sprinkle combo.

Mother’s Day is coming soon!! PZ has you covered!! 🦓

May Flowers – Peonies, Roses, and Violets lightly coated with a soft dew! 🌹🥀

Click here to order and 25% of all orders will go to PMD Family Support.

Available while supplies last. 🌹

God Bless

Emily and Kenan Dibrell

Sniper Hog Lights Hunt..

Huge thank you to our friends at Sniper Hog Lights for an awesome weekend in beautiful South Texas!

Joe prepared an awesome meal!

Some Pork, Elk, and Veggies. Yum!

Then Kenan and I spent some time practicing with our bows. This was my first time ever shooting my compound bow and I think I may be addicted now.

Nice set up boys!

Of course I had to hook Joe up with some Pink Zebra.

Off to the lease…

And we wait.. decided to go with my .308. We named her “Death”.

Unfortunately we didn’t see any pigs just a squirrel and a opossum but that’s ok. Definitely a fun day/night and will be going again soon.

Until then I’ll keep practicing my archery skills until I become a #badassbowhuntress 😉

#Lightupthenight #Sniperhoglights #stayfocused

If you’re into hunting, follow these guys on social media. They’re the real deal and their products speak for themselves. 🐗

Visit Sniper Hog Lights Online

Sniper Hog Lights Facebook Page

God Bless,

Emily Dibrell

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I don’t know about you but 2017 was just kind of a rough year. We experienced brutal Summer temps, Hurricane Harvey, and even snow in December. Not to mention the many trials that we were faced with personally. No one warned us how “fun” it would be raising teenagers. 😂

When 2018 rolled in I was sick in bed for a week with a cold that knocked me on my a**!!! That little voice on my shoulder kept saying. “See, 2018 is going to be just like 2017”. I told this little voice where he could go back to… 2018 was NOT going to be just like 2017! I knew I had to get my mindset right.

The second weekend in January I was blessed to attend a Pink Zebra leadership conference with several of my peers. Fabulous speakers and fellowship was had with many. Including the founders of Pink Zebra. One speaker stood out to me. She started speaking like she was reading my mind! Talking about mindsets, patterns, the power over your mind, etc. I was sold and more focused than ever.

I had heard mindset and the power of your thoughts before. But it wasn’t until the Lord opened my eyes to how true this was, that it finally started to sink in. 3 weeks into this intense workshop, my mindset is becoming more of a habit. My thoughts are shifting from. “This always happens to me.” Or “It’s just the way I am.” To.. “I am thankful and grateful to have the life I have.” “I AM better than I was yesterday.” And let me tell you something. Just the shift in the positive direction and noticing and being aware of all the negative I was attracting has been an eye opener!

So what are you feeding your mind? Where is your focus going? Are you focused on the can’t, the finances, the doubt, the fear? Or are you focused on the good. Focus on love, truth, faith, and can!

I pray this blog will help you think about what you think about and listen to the words that come out of your mouth.

Have an amazing day!

Love, Emily

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