The Founders of Pink Zebra

The Founders of Pink Zebra

I met the founders of Pink Zebra last night! How amazing!!! Tom Gaines (left) Emily Dibrell (me, center) and Kelly Gaines (Right)


Considering Joining a Network Marketing Company?


I am blessed beyond measure!  It has been a crazy few days.  3 parties in 24 hours and 2 people chose to become a part of the Pink Zebra family!  I am so overjoyed for them because I can see the potential Pink Zebra has to offer and I know these ladies will go far!  I have a team of super starts.  They help me out in so many ways I could never thank them enough. I am very honored to coach these ladies and gentleman.  Hearing someones goals and helping being a part of that is an honor. At the same time they are helping me achieve my goals.  We are a TEAM!

As I have posted before I joined Pink Zebra in August. September was my first official month to hit the ground running.  I am now and Executive Consultant and on my way to being a Manager!  My little team of 1 is now a team of 8 in just a couple short months!  Pink Zebra delivers a product that people love. 

How many people use wax warmers?  How many people love their house smelling great?  How many people prefer soy candles and wax over regular paraffin wax?   Soy wax is more cost effective, better for the environment, etc.  The list goes on and on.  I will try to find a study somewhere or try to do one on my own that actually show some statistics on my above questions.   The point remains the same. Pink Zebra offers products that people already use! 

Pink Zebra is new, catchy, has remarkable quality products, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, eco-friendly, non toxic, the list can go on and on.  Nothing against Scentsy, Glade, or other companies out there that have wax melts.  I actually highly respect Scentsy for paving the way for Pink Zebra to come along and offer something different to what everyone is used to.  Pink Zebra’s Sprinkles may not be for everyone. (Although I think everyone should have some!) 

Some advice for you as an individual that goes for any company your considering enrolling in.

When choosing a Direct Sales/Network Marketing company, my advice to you is to choose one with consumable products.  Consumable products = Repeat customers!

Enrollment kits should be reasonably prices.  Around $100 or so.  Make sure the company you are looking into compensates their consultants for sales and not just for sponsoring.  Sponsoring should be an added bonus to an already amazing compensation plan bases off sales.  Companies that are free to join make me wonder. Why?  You can join for free, yay, ok.. but ponder WHY these companies are free to join. Do some research.  Are they brand new or are they desperate for people to enroll?  Do your homework before you jump on the Direct Sales bandwagon.

Strong support for your sponsor and your sponsor’s sponsor and so on. These tools are vital to reaching your goals! Before you join, ask how much help you can expect from those above you?  For example: The wonderful lady who is #1 in our company with team wholesale volume, I talk to her on a pretty regular basis.  She is a text or a phone call away.  My whole upline checks in on me. Cheers me on.  AND I have the honor of being asked to speak at our Pink Zebra Rally in Houston next week!  If that is not upline support, I don’t know what is!

And join a company that is fun!!!!   One that you enjoy. Love sharing your story and products with everyone! I know I do.



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God Bless!!


Pink Zebra Recipes

A quick note to share with y’all some of the exciting advantages of Pink Zebra.  They’re are so many recipes to choose from the possibilities are countless.  Well, I’m sure some of you could probably do the math on that one.  But I’m not one of those.  We have over 51 scents to choose from. 

Here are a few that some fellow Zebras have come up with.  A few i have created on my own.


Apple Cider has to be my favorite right now.  I can’t even begin to describe this fragrance.  I can try.  Close your eyes and image an cold winters day.  You come home, kick your shoes off, sit by the fire and pour yourself a nice warm glass of oh so good for you apple cider.  Are your eyes still closed?  You can open them now!


Nothing reminds me of fall like the smell of a warm pumpkin pie.  This recipe is amazing!!

Our jars come in 3.75oz. sizes and our cartons are 16oz. 



Yes, they are the size on an ice cream carton.  Cartons are the better bang for your buck. 

Here are a few more recipes.  Let me know what you think.






Sprinkle your way!










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Meet the Animals (Country Living)

We’ve been living in the country for a little over a year now.  My in laws purchased 23 acres last year and we moved shortly there after.  Kenan and I love the country.  We enjoy the peace and quiet.  Waking up with whitetail deer at the feeder, Listening to the rooster crow. We like it. It’s what we love.  You should see the sky at night.  Reminds me of a song. “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas.”

Let me introduce you to some of our “family members”.  They are furry and feathered.  We love them just the same.

Cats… Cat’s are essential to the farm life we are building.  They hunt rodents and keep the snakes away.  Even though most of the time they are asleep somewhere in the house.  We’ve only seen a couple of snakes since I was bit last April by a Copperhead.  I’ll have to post about that one day. Not fun!  I think the cats, for the most part are doing their job.

Meet the feline team…

WP_20131022_029    This is Sam or Sammy as we call him.  He’s the cat that thinks I need to wake up when the sun comes up every morning.  Yeah, he’s one of those.

WP_20131022_016    Dean is our black “Halloween” cat.

Ringo is our fat, lazy cat.  I’m sure he hunts when I’m not looking though.

WP_20130720_030   Meet our mighty warrior, Cass.  He is defender of the chickens.  Super cat among his friends.

So now that you have met the cats..

Let me introduce you to THE DOG.  Yeah, we call Ruger the dog because he’s the last man standing.  We recently had to give away 3 of our other dogs because they would not stop killing our chickens.  And yes we tried every trick and tip in the book.  Didn’t help.  When an animal keeps killing a source of your food and costing you money.  Time to make other arrangements.  Some dogs can be trained to keep away from the chickens, Ruger was.

Here’s what Ruger does 90% of the day.

IPhone Pics 229

Ruger will be 5 on October 29th.  He’s been a great dog and he is very loyal to me.  I’ve never seen a dog play fetch like this one does.  One day I’m going to have to measure how high he can jump.  He’s my first Border Collie and I adore him.

On to the ladies of the farm.

WP_20130720_033   We have 10 free range chickens.  8 are hens.  These ladies product 40 delicious beautiful large eggs every week.

They are hilarious to watch when they are chasing bugs.  My 4 year old son gets a big kick out of it.


It’s hard to believe they were ever this small.  I know, you just went awww.









I’ll have to snap some better shots of our two roosters.  On the left we have Cujo. He just came of age and is showing signs of being a great leader.

On our right we have Ferb (my son named him) Ferb has little man syndrome.  He really, really, likes to crow.  And as you can see, he checks my car for bugs on a regular basis.












I’ve always wanted chickens.  We have a lot to still learn about them but they have been so beneficial to our family.  The health benefits of fresh farm eggs vs store bought eggs are amazing.


You can check out my friend, Angi, over at Schneider Peeps.  She has taught me so much about chickens!






I’ve posted before about our rescue horse, Honey.  We’ve had her about 6 weeks now.   She’s looking a lot better although she needs a little more exercise in her routine.

WP_20131022_007  She’s starting to get her winter coat.  And it’s about time for her worming.  Y’all pray for me. She does not like to take her medicine.  I gave her some vitamins with B-12.  I think I more ended up on me than in her mouth.  Mares…

WP_20131022_013  She’s such a sweet girl!  And her hair is hilarious! I tried to make her into a unicorn one day. My husband didn’t think it was funny.

And my husband’s favorite part of living out in the country would be….HUNTING!

Last year was my oldest daughters and my first year to “officially” hunt.  We’ve gone with my husband before but that was about it.

First deer of the season.  We had this guy cleaned and in the ice chest before Kenan had to leave for work that morning.


Next up! My first buck ever! Yay me!  If you know anything about hunting, then you know about spikes.  He needed to be taken out of the gene pool.  My husband tells me I did great! Although the guys later asked if I was going to use his spikes for toothpicks.. Men!  And for you pro hunters out there, yes I had to throw out one of the front quarters.  I didn’t realize how much damage a 30-30  can actually do.


After lots of practice and training.  Hailee proved that she knew her way around a rifle and was a consistent shot. During youth season, Hailee took out her first deer ever.  Let me tell you, she was HEAVY!


I can’t wait until we make sausage again after hunting season this year.  We missed out on it earlier this year due to my mom’s passing.  So we should have quite a bit of sausage this year.

And I have my eyes open for this guy.   We named him Flicka.  He wasn’t legal last year but he has a beautiful rack.  We’ve seen him a time or two earlier this year while he was still in velvet.  Gave me “buck fever” just seeing him with his bachelor group.


Here’s a pic of our “backyard”. I’ll post more later.




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Until next time.. Watch out for evil kittens!


It Makes Scents! (Simmering Lights by Pink Zebra)

I love my job! Have I said that before?  I’m pretty sure I have but I will say it again. I love my job. I know not many can say that.   I have lots of exciting events and parties coming up that have me pumped up.  I love getting together with friends and meeting new people.  Today one of my team members and I went to speak with a woman who wants to join our team.  I was so blessed by hearing her speak and listening to her why story.  So encouraging!

Today I want to tell you about one of our products.  I was trying to think of a theme to go with like some of the other professional bloggers do. Favorite Fridays?  Product-ive Monday..  Who’s productive on Monday? Hmm. I’ll have to think about that one.

So our Simmering Lights.  One of my favorites..

The base comes with your choice of colored shade, base, bulb, and sprinkle dish.  Colors available are white, black, orange, and pink.  Gold is coming soon!


Pink Shade Black                                                                                                                                        Orange


Love these colors!

So these bases look great on their own and burn at a lower temperature than traditional wax burners.  Because our Soft Soy Sprinkles melt at a lower temperature, you can touch the bases without burning yourself.  Which is really nice when you have 5 children running around your house like I do.  Simply place a tablespoon size scoop in the dish on top.   You may have to adjust serving size depending upon your room size.  Obviously a bedroom is going to take less than a great room.


If you want so spice up the bases, Pink Zebra offers a wide variety of shades that slip over the top of the bases.

Mirror Crackle

I know, you just went oohh, that’s pretty!  You should see it in person! I was so surprised at how heavy and well built these shades are.  I just love how elegant this looks.

Here’s a look at one of my teenage daughter’s favorite.  The pink base with the metal zebra cut out.  Guess what she wants for Christmas.

zebra cut out

And when the season change?  Well that’s easy too.  We have shades to fit your holiday needs.  You can keep one base in the same spot and just change the shade out! Easy!

Here’s on of my fall favorites.  Our natural twig pumpkin.  And beside it you can see our cathedral shade.  Stunning as well.


You can keep the pumpkin on through Thanksgiving or if your more of the festive type. You can change it out with this guy.


Our ceramic Silly Turkey Shade.  He’s cute!

And then Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday has come and gone.  Time to put up that tree and string some lights because here comes Santa!

santa 3

We also offer amazing host exclusives that go right along with your Holiday preparations . Our host exclusive for the month of October and November is a 5 piece set of “Winter Wonderland” Christmas trees.  It comes with a starter base and a jar of The Perfect Tree.  The first time I laid eyes on the trees I had visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. The music from The Nutcracker started playing… ahhh!   Yes, they are that pretty!

host octnov

So there you have it.. Our Simmering Lights.  A very neat option for adding home decor and fragrance to your house all at the same time.  All without the hassle of changing your warmer out for every season.


Want to earn FREE products and half priced products?  Ask about hosting a party.  Parties are done via facebook, online, catalog, or in home.

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God Bless!






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Restoring Life

Yesterday was a day that I will never forget.  Besides the fact that it was my first real vendor event with Pink Zebra, the day turned into something truly amazing.   Pink Zebra was blessed to be a part of a fundraising event for Restoration House Ministries.

Restoration House

Restoration House helps restore broken lives by taking in young women and teaching them the tools they need to succeed in life.  Many brave women got on the stage and shared their testimonies.  With tears in their eyes, they bared it all.  So many stories about drug addiction, prostitution, abuse, hopelessness, prison, and despair.  These women should be honored!  The stories all started different, broken homes, abusive parents, etc. But they all had the same ending.  The game changer.   These beautiful women all told the same story about a Savior, coming into their lives and changing them forever from the inside out.  Through Christ’s strength they were able to stand up in front of a crowded room, air their “dirty laundry” and give others hope of a better life.  And remind those of us (myself included) who have struggled with past evils of the hope that is within us and not to take it for granted.


Our event went really well.  A lot of new people were introduced to Pink Zebra and fell in love with it.

This is why I love my job.  While working I was so encouraged and so blessed to be part of such a wonderful cause.  I am looking forward to next year!

Here’s a few snapshots of our booth.  My husband thinks it’s a little TOO pink,  Might have to work on that one for him. Ok babe?



I have the best team!  This is Jacy, Mallory, and myself.


We would love to have you on our team.  It is so much fun. I love my job.

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Thanks for stopping by and God Bless!


Network Marketing and Having FUN!

Sprinkles of Faith, Pink Zebra, Independent Consultant

A job is a job right?  You work, you get paid, you work, you get paid.  Right?  It’s a repeat of the same events.  Get up, go the “that place” as many refer to it.  Try to avoid annoying co workers, same routine.  Unless, of course your boss throws a little something extra in there for you.  Or you could have one of those jobs where if you do a good job, bust your butt, get your work done right and on time, they have you help someone else who did not “try” to get their work done.  Someone who complained enough that now their laziness equals extra hours for you and less time for your family or your personal life.

Do you have one of these jobs?  Angry customers, ungrateful bosses, same old routine day in and day out, pay check to pay check.  The alarm goes off in…

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