I don’t know about you but 2017 was just kind of a rough year. We experienced brutal Summer temps, Hurricane Harvey, and even snow in December. Not to mention the many trials that we were faced with personally. No one warned us how “fun” it would be raising teenagers. ūüėā

When 2018 rolled in I was sick in bed for a week with a cold that knocked me on my a**!!! That little voice on my shoulder kept saying. “See, 2018 is going to be just like 2017”. I told this little voice where he could go back to… 2018 was NOT going to be just like 2017! I knew I had to get my mindset right.

The second weekend in January I was blessed to attend a Pink Zebra leadership conference with several of my peers. Fabulous speakers and fellowship was had with many. Including the founders of Pink Zebra. One speaker stood out to me. She started speaking like she was reading my mind! Talking about mindsets, patterns, the power over your mind, etc. I was sold and more focused than ever.

I had heard mindset and the power of your thoughts before. But it wasn’t until the Lord opened my eyes to how true this was, that it finally started to sink in. 3 weeks into this intense workshop, my mindset is becoming more of a habit. My thoughts are shifting from. “This always happens to me.” Or “It’s just the way I am.” To.. “I am thankful and grateful to have the life I have.” “I AM better than I was yesterday.” And let me tell you something. Just the shift in the positive direction and noticing and being aware of all the negative I was attracting has been an eye opener!

So what are you feeding your mind? Where is your focus going? Are you focused on the can’t, the finances, the doubt, the fear? Or are you focused on the good. Focus on love, truth, faith, and can!

I pray this blog will help you think about what you think about and listen to the words that come out of your mouth.

Have an amazing day!

Love, Emily

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5 Years Later…

So I have sat down to write this entry at least 4 times. I just don’t know where to start.¬† The pain of losing my mom is as real today at it was when we said “Goodbye for a little while.” five years ago.¬† ¬†Has it become easier to deal with, yes… does it still hurt.. yes.

A good friend of mine told me the other day. “Would you rather have never met this person and not feel any pain or would you rather have loved this person and have this pain?”¬† The answer is simple.¬† It was a great loss but a great love!¬† I would rather carry the pain around with me everyday than to have never met my mother.

I know what she would say if she were hear.¬† Go.. live your life. Make me proud.¬† I know I am doing that but I feel like my grief is holding me back.¬† Is it time to let go of the pain I’ve come to cling to as a child clings to it’s favorite toy? I think so.¬† It’s time to remember all the good and cherish the memories that we made.¬† The emptiness will always be there but the pain… it’s time for the pain to fade.¬† Time for me to honor her with my life.. I will always miss you mom, until we meet again….

Your Daughter,



Balloons to Heaven with love!

Cecilia Rice

“The Rose”

Cecilia Rice 1938-2013


Blue Butterfly

My Why.. My Butterfly




Another September to Remember!!

Build your dreams with Pink Zebra

Wow, as I type this I am in just awe of the amazing hard work our team has put into making their dreams come true!  Pink Zebra continues to grow and along with it, the lives of all the people involved.  Kenan and I are proud to announce that our team has reached over 250 Consultants!!!  Last Septemeber we eneded the the month with just over 100!  She how much we are growing!!  Amazing!

We never dreamed starting on this journey that it would blossom and bloom like it has. ¬†God has really blessed us with an amazing team, upline, and a company that we can stand behind. ¬†It’s only up from here!! We had 2 team members promote to Manager in September! ¬†Huge shout out to Shawn and Alysia for working their business and being richly rewarded.

Join us on this amazing journey!!! ¬†$99 is a small investment to change your life. You have no idea all the fun you are missing out on. Zebras join for many reasons. Some want a discount on all their favorite Pink Zebra products! You’ll receive a 25% discount for life!! ¬†Some are looking for ahobby to work on the side. ¬†Pink Zebra is perfect for gettting your creative juices flowing. ¬†There is so many ways to use and decorate with sprinkles and soaks!! ¬† If you’re looking for a career change, then Pink Zebra is for you also!! ¬†We are getting so close to our momentum phase! Now is the perfect time to get in and soar to the top!!! ¬†We will be right there with you to guide you and support you on your journey.

Whatever your reasons for joining Pink Zebra, we are here to help!!!

Kenan and I also have a special incentive for you when joining our team in the month of October!! I promise you are not going to want to pass it up!!!  Email me at sprinklesoffaithpz@gmail.com to learn all about our amazing offer!!!!

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God is for us!! Even in business

Take a leap of Faith

And The Heart Stopped..

So I’ve been abset this past week due to one of the scariest situatuions our family has been through in a long time.

Last Monday night my brother’s heart stopped. My brother in law was able to preform CPR and keep blood pumping while paramedics rushed to their home. ¬†Steve was taken to the nearest hospital and stabilized. ¬†Upon further tests he was lifelighted to Texas Medical Center in downtown Houston. Steve had 2 tears in his Aorta. ¬†He would need emergency surgery to save his life. ¬†What the doctors did, still blows my mind. ¬†They were going to crack open his chest, repair the two tears in the aorta all while freezing his brain to stop circulation. ¬†

For 7 long hours our family gathered. We cried together, laughed together, but mostly we prayed together. ¬†Steve was only 49 and we were not ready to say goodbye. ¬†God is a miracle worker for sure. ¬†Prognosis was it could take 24 hours to 2 weeks for Steve to wake up from the surgery, he woke up in less than 6 hours!! ¬†He would be on a ventalator for a while, that came out 2 hours after he woke up. ¬†He would be in the hospital up to 10 days. ¬†He was released yesterday. ¬†A short 5 days after the surgery. ¬†He is able to walk, sit, feed himself, and is now at home resting. ¬†The doctor said that once he opened my brother up, he had less that 12 hours to live. This is proof that God was there, using modern medicine to save his life. ¬†His road to recovery is nothing more than God’s hand on Steve and healing him. ¬†By medical standards, he should not have recovered so fast. Well, they don’t know my God! ¬†He’s been working mircales for thousands of years, yeah.. He’s got this.

Thank you for all of those that messaged, called, texted, and prayed for my brother.  Our whole family got a reality check.  We lost our mom 2 years ago and the thought of losing Steve too was just too much to bear.  

We are truly blessed.  

Today would have been my mom’s 77th birthday. ¬†Happy Birthday to you mom in Heaven. ¬†It’s hard celebrating without you here with us, but I know you’re celebrating up there. ¬†In the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I pray for many blessings for you today. That you could see the hand of God as clearly as we have this past week.  Cherish these memories you have with your loved ones while they are still here.  You never know when the heart will stop.

Blessings upon Blessings,

Emily Dibrell

Steve walking me down the aisle at our wedding.

Steve walking me down the aisle at our wedding.

Home and Resting

Home and Resting

Addicted to Periscope!

One of my fellow Pink Zebra sisters started using Periscope a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been hooked from that point on!!!!! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Periscope, it’s a recently launched Social Media platform thru Twitter. It’s taking the shareable moments to a whole new level!! Now you can broadcast live anywhere you are! Periscope is approximetly 5 months old and already has 10 million users worldwide. While this app is not yet available on Windows, you can grab the free app on Android or IOS. 

The weath of information running thru Periscope is amazing! I’ve personally gained almost 100 followers in less 4 days from my first broadcast!! Goodbye Facebook. Now videos called “scopes”are only saved for 24 hours, you have the option to save to your device and upload elsewhere. You can do private scopes, share other useres scopes on Twitter, and my favorite perk is the hearts! Yes I said hearts! During a live scope or playback you can tap your screen to give the user hearts. The more hearts, the higher your ranking!

Go check it out. It’s something new and exciting for those of us that are getting bored with Facebook, Instagram, etc!! 

Tell me what you think!!! 

Love, Emily


When You Feel Like Giving Up…

giving up quote direct sales network marketing

Giving up is easy. Pushing forward is hard. 

The last two years since I started my own Direct Sales business there have been countless times I was ready to throw in the towel. That’s it.. I’m done.. I can’t do this anymore, are just a few of the phrases that have come out of my mouth. Tears… Oh yeah. You can bet I’ve cried my fair share of tears over my business. People quit on me, someone said something ugly to me, I missed the promotion, things aren’t moving forward as fast as I want them to. ¬†Does this sound familiar? ¬†If so keep reading.

What if we were to have given up when times got hard? We can quit a job, move, but we can’t quit life. We still wake up everyday to a new sunrise. Life keeps moving forward. Time doesn’t stop.¬†

I’ve had a rough several years under my belt. Having my mother move into a nursing home, countless trips to the E.R., hospital stays, financial problems, hospice, and finally her funeral. ¬†I’ve been dreaming about her every night lately. It’s hard to function when I wake. Reality comes back and I realize that she isn’t here. I’ve cried and begged God for a time out! Just a few minutes, make the clock stop. It never happens.¬†

When I feel like quitting God reminds me, the answers are always in his Word. Abraham never quit trusting God. Moses wandered the desert for 40 years. Esther went before the king to save her people. Paul was beaten and broken. ¬†Jesus knew how He would die but still willingly went to the cross. ¬†Throughout the whole bible are stories of amazing men and women who didn’t give up. King David wanted to.. He cried out to God day and night. He kept going and was richly blessed. ¬†

So what do we do when we feel like giving up? A wise man once said,”Never quit on a bad day.” Read the bible, take the day off, take a walk, turn your phone off. When you’ve come to the end of your rope, keep hanging on. The emotion will pass. Then you try ONE MORE TIME. ¬†How many people have quit without trying one more time?¬†

It’s been 2 years and I’m still with my company. I am grateful for my husband and friends who wouldn’t let me quit. Don’t let fear own you. Try one more time! Stick with whatever you are doing and give it one more shot. So many people quit when the road seems impossible. Not knowing they were SO close to their breakthrough. You have to go through it to get there. ¬†Trust me my friends, it’s worth it.

So take a day off, go to a movie, hang with friends or family, anything besides what you feel like quitting. Then come back and give it one more shot. If you’re reason why is big enough, you’ll keep going. Just like Jesus did.

Blessings to you,

Emily Dibrell

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Love What You Do!

Last night one of my team members and best friends hosted a Livestream. She’s a fantastic trainer and coach! Last night she went deeper. I mean to the heart of the matter. ¬†Why you should fall in love with your business. ¬†It brought me to tears…

I really don’t want to share too much of her story, since it’s not mine to tell. ¬†Though when she was talking to us, I felt as if she was only speaking to my heart. ¬†She talked about the roads that lead her to this specific place in time. ¬†The company she was with now, Pink Zebra was like a climax to her story. ¬†I began to see how true this was in my life as well.

My whole life I’ve felt out of place. Like I just didn’t quite belong. Maybe it was the fact that I was adopted, maybe it was my adopted father dying from cancer when I was young? ¬†The long path of wrong decisions when I was a teen and into my early 20s… Divorce, death, rejection, and more… All of these storms in my life shaped and molded me into the person I am today.

When I was 8 months pregnant with my second child, my husband at the time was thrown in prison. ¬†I’ll spare him and you the details but it was a breaking point in my life. ¬†I had only felt that deep despair of loneliness once before… Looking back on the situation now, God used those hurts to help build and mold me. ¬†In that season of being a single mother to two young children, I learned a lot about myself. ¬†I was working a full time job that I loved. ¬†Telemarketing for a corporate apparel and promotional items company. ¬†I threw myself into my work while there, I enjoyed every minute in the evenings with my daughters (well almost every minute…lol). ¬†Weekends were sweeter, bonding deeper.

When I came out the other end of the storm, I was changed.  I was a person who cared more, loved more, and would carry those scars for life.

This is one of the rivers that brought me to Pink Zebra.. I remember how much I loved my job. Making sales and celebrating. I remember what it was like to work with like minded individuals. Team leading, fellowship, trips, etc. Had I not gone through that storm, would I have developed those skills and unleashed my God given talent.  I guess we will never know.

Take the best pieces of your past and apply them to your present, work on them for your future.  Fall in love with your passions.  Work where you love to be.  I work from home now, I love my home.  I love my Pink Zebra business that I get to enjoy and share with my family.

Love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life.

Are you looking for something you love, are you looking for a piece of your heart that needs mending?

Consider joining us. Direct Sales is so fun and it lets each individuals uniqueness shine through! There is only one YOU…

Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings!



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