Reasons to Love Pink Zebra!

Ten Reasons to love Pink Zebra! Do you love it?!                     

*photo credit to Delisa Deges
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Emily Dibrell


Sprinkle Savings! 96 Hour Sale!

It’s hard to believe that May is already coming to an end! So much excitement has been stirring in the world of Pink Zebra. We are finishing off the month with a sale! 

 Instead of going to my regular site to order, I have a special party going on for our HEROES charity. Your purchase will help bank a day of daycare for a single mom! With Summer coming and school letting out, daycare becomes and increasing burden on single moms. Please show your support and follow this link to SHOP.

Want all this? Want to help out single moms all the time and make some money to put food on your table? Why not join us? PZ has changed our lives and the lives of many single mothers out there. I’m sure it will change yours too.  

Sale on kits and cartons ends 5/31 11:59 EST! 


Blessings Upon Blessings!

– Emily Dibrell 


Dreams – Helping Horses – Helping People

I love them! I would live in a barn with as many as I could, if finances allowed. It’s a passion of mine. Passion is a driving force for the soul. My dream is to one day make enough money with Pink Zebra to open a rescue program in our area. Equestrian therapy, helping the community with jobs, I could go on and on about my dreams and future plans. Helping horses, helping people. Well that just screams heaven on earth to me. 

My nephew Devin suffers from a rare genetic disease known as PMD. He is and always will be wheelchair bound. The thought of putting him on a horse and giving him the legs he does not have drives me. One day it will happen. My reasons why are big enough. 

I got to talk to this special little man on the phone yesterday! My heart broke and soared at the same time. I snuffed back tears. We have not seen each other since 2011. The miles keep us apart only physically. This young man holds a special place in my heart that not many understand. I was the first to find out my sister was pregnant with him. He was my first nephew. He made me an aunt. 

So, I was digging through some old photos and found some pictures of my favorite horses.  Our Honey was our first rescue horse. Her spirit could not be matched. Her love and affection for my children shined through her abuse from day one.  Unfortunately all we could do was give her the best life she could have until she took her final breath. 

Here’s our beloved Honey with our second oldest daughter. Honey loved having the kids on her back. It was her purpose. 

My favorite horse I’ve ever owned was Axel. I named him after Axel Rose.. For all you G&R lovers out there. Lol

He was the first horse I ever bonded with. Now if you have ever bonded with an animal you know the feeling.. Bonding with this horse did something to me. I will always be connected to him. He was the one who let me cry my river of tears into his mane when my mom died. He was the first to show me what earning a horses trust and respect meant.  The day we sold him, my heart shattered. Thankfully I sold him to friends, so I can visit him. It’s still too hard though. I miss him so much. 


My bond with Sky is different. She respects me as her herd leader, but she can never take the place of that baby boy who I love so dearly.  Sky has a much wilder spirit than Axel. She is a beautiful animal and great companion. My love for her will last forever. She’s very strong willed!! 

I’m all out of order here… Maybe lack of sleep! The first horse we ever owned was Bailey. She LOVED the kids and food. Lots of food. We miss her too. She went to a good home and is still being enjoyed by children. I’m sure this makes her happy!! 




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Become a zebra and together we can watch our dreams come true! 

-Emily and Kenan Dibrell


WCW – Pink Zebra Favorites!

It took me a while to figure out what the heck WCW was! I finally broke down and asked my teenagers.. Woman Crush Wedensday. Never would have guessed that one.  So as a woman.. Here are some of my favorite WCW scents and recipes I use all the time!! Yes, it smells girly, but hey, Kenan gets his Napa Leather and Teakwood too! Lol!
Lovely Lady! Mix her with Macho Man and you have what we call Date Night!! 


This aroma of sweetness and goodness has also been named Marilyn Monroe! #WCW

Nothing beats the smell of Lavender! I seriously want to fill a bathtub with these Sprinkles and bathe in it..


Oh my Sprinkles! Paisley’s Punch is a must have for you fruity girls out there like me.  You can dress it up or down anyway you like it! 

    This is a scent I came up with. It reminds me of my mother which was one of the favorite women in my life!! Miss you, Momma!!
Pink Zebra allows you to be you! The unique, crazy, hot mess that you are!! “Whatever you are, be a good one,” -Abraham Lincoln 


Looking forward to the day I earn these boots!!! Huge crush on these babies! If you’ve read my previous blings you know these have been my goal from the beginning.  

So there is my #WCW. I don’t know if I all of these fit into the women crush catagory, but they fit into mine! 

What’s your Woman Crush?

Peace, Love, Faith, and Sprinkles!


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Men Blog Too! 

Yesterday Kenan wrote his first blog!!! 

Check it out here at Kenan’s Corner! 

I am more than proud of him! He did such an amazing job!!! 

Blessings Upon Blessings, 


Pink Zebra June Sneak Peeks! 

Our beautiful new Hostess shade/bundle has been announced. With a $400 or more party you can snag thus deal at 50% off! $700 party, 75% off! EZPZ!  This is in addition to our already rocking hostess rewards which include FREE and 1/2 priced items on ANYTHING in the catalog! Woot!!

Our Paisley’s Pick is also making waves for June! Our new scent Pool Party is sure to be a Summer favorite!!

Being part of Club Pink, I get to see and smell these babies before they’re allowed for public purchase.  I’ll be expecting my order next week and I’m looking forward to getting my sniffer in the pool, do to speak!

What is Club Pink you may ask? As a consultant I have the privilege of paying $22 a month (plus tax and shipping) to get the new scent each month and the hostess exclusive shade every other month. It’s a huge savings!  This way I can give more!!  Ah, the wonderful world of zebras!!
You should join us!!

Visit us online to shop or join! Contact me with questions and to book a party!!

Peace, love, and blessings,