Watch out Jamaica! 

As I type this, Kenan and I are in the car on our way to Houston to catch a flight to Jamaica! We are beyond excited! Hard work pays off. I was one of 39 people who earned the incentive trip out of 22,000 consultants! 

Today was exciting and stressful all at the same time. We will be gone until Friday, which really isn’t that long, but getting children, animals, house cleaned, packed, and trying to get some rest. I still feel like I forgot something!!

We are looking forward to 5 days and 4 nights at the Sandals Resort in Negril.  I’ve heard rave reviews about this resort! 7 restaurants plus room service, drinks, stocked mini bar, several bars located all over the resort! 3 pools and whirlpools. I might not come back! Ha! Almost everything is included in the trip besides excursions and the spa. These country bumpkins aren’t going to know how to act without children, alarms, schedules… Just relaxing.  

We are very excited to see our Zebra family!! Some we’ve met before, some we haven’t! Founders Tom and Kelly a Gaines will be there as well as our awesome VP of sales. Director of customer service (who we have the pleasure of flying with) and our magical Patti! She makes all of our trips, reunions, rallies, etc. happen. I think she secretly Superwoman! 

I will be blogging about all of our adventures in paradise! I’m wondering how Kenan will do. He hasn’t been on an airplane in 30 years! We’ve never really left th country before. We’ve been to border towns in Mexico before but that was over 20 years ago. I’m still in shock though.. Sprinkles… Who would have thought that this amazing company could change our lives SO much. It’s nice to be rewarded for your hard work and dedication!! We get to be our own boss, minimal start up cost, opportunity unlimited!! These memories we are making and have made are priceless! The compensation plan is wonderful and we are really starting to see a the fruits of our labor in our paychecks! Soon we will both be doing this full time!!  Each month we are able to pay more and more bills with our checks. We are really looking forward to our next couple of promotions. Our team is priceless and helping them grow has become such a passion for us. 

We are proof that $99 can change your life!! We’d love to have you as a part of our family. It will be worth it! 

Peace Mon!

Emily Dibrell

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Pink Zebra Fun! We ARE Family!

One of my awesome Zebra sisters sent pics of our amazing Rally earlier this month.  This was my first corporate event to lead and oh my, how life changing it was!!! Enjoy the pics!!





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Kenan and Emily Dibrell

Rally Fun

Here’s a few pictures from the Houston Rally, Soak it Up!  We had a blast! This was my first time leading a Rally and I cannot wait to do it again!! I love seeing and hearing all the life changing stories!! Thank you, a Pink Zebra!!!


kenan and i are in the front… i may be pulling my awesome upline, Liz’s hair! lol



Someone got a pic of my mic check!


Many more pictures to come!! I want to scream to the world, JOIN PINK ZEBRA!!!!!!! You have no idea what you’re missing!!!!

Blessings upon Blessings,

Kenan and Emily

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$51 in FREE Soaks product in April!!! Join the HERD!!! 


Everyone asked for it.. Everyone’s been anticipating the big reveal! Well, here is our brand new Soaks line!!!


This is history in the making! Who else let’s you blend your own car freshners or reed diffusers?! 1 bottle of Soaks will give you 50 uses out of our “Go-Cards” making each freshner less than $0.30!!! Show of hands, who’s spends $2-10 for a car freshner?! Pink Zebra once again has blown it out of the water with price. 

All Soaks are Eco-friendly and non toxic, but please, don’t drink them… 


Seriously, how cute is Paisley? Tropical hoof for the man in your life?  With 25 fragrances to choose from, your sure to find a favorite!! Also, our new Air Care + is available which nuteralizes odors on a molecular level!!! Good bye stinky cigarette smoke, pet odor, and the dreaded smelly shoe!! 

We are offering an awesome join special if you’ve been considering a career change or some part time fun!!! $51 worth of Soaks products for free when you join, just hit add to cart on enrollement and the $0 will reflect!!

Who’s ready to change lives, starting with yours!


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Blessings Upon Blessings,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

48 Hour Sale! Bye Bye Mosquitoes!

Love frogs? So do we? Hate mosquitoes? Us too!! We have the perfect combo for you!! 2 jars of Green Tea and Lemongrass Sprinkles plus an exclusive Terra Cotta frog candle holder. Just place your wick, pour your Sprinkles and light! Goodbye pests!! 

Here’s an interesting study done on the effectiveness of Lemongrass and pesky bugs!! Click here 


Don’t miss out! Order yours today at Sprinkles of Faith Also available in Reed Diffusers, Soaps, and Lotion! $12-$18!


Blessings Upon Blessings,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

He Is Risen

Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours!


Blessings from the Dibrell family!

Sprinkles of Faith 

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Focusing on Your Business in a Distracting World! 

In this era of modern technology we are overloaded with information! Don’t get me wrong, having the world at our fingertips is a wonderful tool. What I would have given for GPS when traveling as a child. Fold up paper maps, anyone?  With so much information pouring into us everyday it’s easy to lose focus on who you are, why your here, and what your purpose is.  I see it all the time these days. Everyone is waiting for the next “BIG” thing. I’m guilty of this myself. We see it everyday from TV shows, books, hobbies, careers, etc. In my industry of Direct Sales I see this happen over and over again. People join a company and give it a go. But quickly lose focus because of the next big thing that can make them money. A new shiney company. What would it hurt to do both? I’m sure there are people out there juggling multiple work at home businesses and making a good living. Some may disagree with me here but being Master of One seems to draw in the 6 and 7 digit incomes. To take their life from ordinary to extraordinary!  I’m reminded of a quote from Abraham Lincoln, you may have hear of him. He said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.”  What are you? Ask yourself that. Who are you? What are you going to use your God given talents on? Making a better life for you and your family? Starting a homeless shelter? What are YOU going to do to leave this world a better place? Don’t let the information overload and shiny new toys allow you to lose focus on where you are headed. 

For me this is easy. 2 years ago if you asked me who am I, what am I, and where are going? I would have had only 2 answers. I am a child of the ONE true King, and I don’t know where I’m going. Today I can sit here with confidence and tell you that I am headed strait to the top with Pink Zebra! Why? Because of my relentless focus and action. Because of the people that God has brought into my life. The seasons of paying out more than I was making and wanted to throw in the towel. The tears I’ve cried over missed goals or lost team members. These have all been stepping stones to turn me into the person Christ wants me to be. A supporter, a cheerleader, and a top leader in the company. I am no where near where I want to be, but God is in control. I miss submit all my plans to Him. Working my business thru Him has thought me so many invaluable lessons along the way, that I may then turn around and help those who are going through those similar situations.  I can say, don’t give up, it will get better. I can say that with bold confidence! 

What is your passion? Mine is helping others. Pink Zebra allows me to help others while also making a life out of what I do for a living. In 11 days I will be in front of a room of over 100 people speaking about the company and training. All the rough patches were worth it and all the ones to come are worth it. April 26th Kenan and I will be flying out to spend 5 days and 4 nights with 39 + other Zebras who earned this trip just by doing what they love. By keeping their eyes focused and not letting the world cloud their goals.

Do what you love and love what you do. No one ever said it would be easy but it is worth it. Commit yourself to that one thing and give it your all. That’s when you become unstoppable!!!!



Join us on our journey! Share your story with us! 

Kenan and Emily Dibrell