Tomorrow, Tomorrow! It’s Only a Day Away!

Can you believe that we are almost in October? This year is flying by!

Tomorrow is your last chance to take advantage of Pink Zebra’s sign up special! Only 3 years old and we are almost at 20,000 Consultants! WOOHOO!  You can view how many Consultants are in your area here.  Simply enter your zip code!

Pink Zebra Enrollment Kit

You can click on the picture above to join me team.

Kenan and I have made a huge jump this month.  It’s very exciting to see how much it is growing. Our fearless Founder’s Tom and Kelly Gaines explained to us the growth rate.  Until you see it happening it kind of seems like a dream.  Then this Fall our numbers and team started growing.  We are very close to hitting our 100th team member!  That was our goal by the end of December!  We are in shock and awe of God.

So for those first time viewers or those who have heard of Pink Zebra but have never really understood what it is.. Here is the definition straight from our VP’s mouth.

What Is Pink Zebra

I love the way Colby defines it here. Simple and straight to the point.  Our soy wax sprinkles are the size of pellets.  Buy two jars of sprinkles, you have 3 scents.  Since they are so tiny they are easy to mix fragrances. 1tbs is the normal serving size. You get 10-12 tbs out of one 3.75oz. jar of sprinkles.  Each tbs last approx. 40 hours. That’s about 400 hours of fragrance all for $8. Yeah, it’s SO worth it. 

You can also become a mad scientist like me and mix scents.  It’s what I do for fun. 

Pink Zebra Recipes Mixed

As a Consultant, I can purchase empty jars from Pink Zebra. $4.80 will get you a 6 pack.  I then use those to let my creative juices flow.  I only sell and mix tried and true recipes.  Anything new I come up with, I burn first.  I don’t want to sell a jar of Sprinkles that looks amazing, even smells good in the jar, but then once you throw a little in your warmer it smells like cold pizza. Gag! 

What about our warmers?

Pink Zebra how to

Pink Zebra offers a full line of Simmering Lights (Shown above). These allow you to light your house all while burning your favorite scent. I have one of these in each bedroom.  They work fantastic as a nightlight and add to the decor of my kiddos room.  The boys have an orange base in their room with the Modern Lantern Shade over it. Their room is in camo so the orange looks good.  The girls have purple in their room.  They switch out their shades all the time. So if I told you which one was in there right now, I’d be lying. They are all getting starter kits for their 18th birthday so they can leave my PZ alone! hehe!

We also offer Simmer Pots which do not take a light bulb! These are great space savers! You can view our entire catalog here.

Don’t overlook our reed diffusers!  We are in the process of selling our RV right now.  It smells like apples!  I didn’t want potential buyers walking into a musky smelling space. Now it smells like an orchard. Ahhh! 

Pink Zebra RV home fragrance

Reed Diffusers are also great in the work place!

Air Freshener Pink Zebra

These are great sellers and look great in any room! 

I hope this answered some of your questions about what Pink Zebra is and how our products can meet your needs. I could go on and on. But I’ll leave you with some words of wisdom.

Thank you for stopping by. Kenan and I appreciate all that you do for us. Your support is amazing.  We are truly blessed beyond measure.

Dare to Be brave Pink Zebra

Happiness - Pink Zebra

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Kenan and Emily


AAU Basketball Fundraiser, Pink Zebra Style!

       I’m very blessed and excited to be a part of this fundraiser.   These young women have worked their butts off over the summer!  Please show your support to the girls AAU Basketball team, The Clovers!  We are less than $300 away from our goal!

For those pear and apple lovers out there: Anjou Pear and Red Delicious Apple are still available through our fundraisers!! Great time to stock up and help some young ladies out.  

40% of each item sold goes directly to the AAU Basketball team, The Clovers, located in Victoria, TX. Your support would mean so much to us!

fundraiser Pink Zebra Fundraiser1 Fundraiser2

Email me at to order. I will invoice via PayPal.  You can also visit our Facebook group here.

Thank you so much to those who have already ordered, shared, or prayed for this group of young ladies!

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

The Role of a Leader in Business and Life.

leadership Pink Zebra

Leadership. When I first started with Pink Zebra I didn’t plan on becoming a leader.  Apparently God had other plans for me. As our team grows more and more each day, I realize that a leader is exactly what God has called me to be. Our team is close to hitting the 100 business partner mark!   There are some days when I think God made a mistake. I feel like Moses and the burning bush (on a much smaller scale of course).  Me? Really?  I’m an introvert by nature. I am just fine staying to myself and living my quiet little life. Good thing God is in control and not me!!

Over the past year I have slowly stepped further and further away from my comfort zone of the introvert. It has been painful at times but more rewarding than I can describe.  Hearing the words, “You inspire me!” or “I’m not giving up because of you.” hits a special place deep down in my spirit. 

 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,  not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

Philippians 2:3-4 (NIV)

This can be a very difficult task.  We are by nature selfish creatures. We want to be #1, we want what we want.  Being a leader only works when you heed the words of Paul. Do nothing out of selfish ambition.  It is ok to want to succeed.  There is NOTHING wrong with being successful! Becoming a leader means having to put others ahead of you. 

 When I have a new team member enroll under me, my success is based on their success.  The better leader I am, the better my team flourishes.  The more I put others before myself and throw off selfish ambition, the more rewarding life becomes.  Not just financially, don’t get this confused with just making more money from a great team, that is a bonus.  The doing of God’s Word is what makes it joyous.  We are called to be doers and not just hearers of the Word. Leadership is an action roll. We cannot be leaders without being doers.  If you have ONE person on your team, you ARE a leader. Title or not!  How you treat your team, children, friends, etc. is going to reflect.  Sometimes that is not a mirror you want to look into, especially if you are living your life for your own selfish ambitions.

I urge you today, no matter what Direct Sales company you are with, no matter what line of work you do, no matter if you have 1 child or 10, be a leader.  KNOW where you are going! Rebuke negative behavior and praise accomplishments, no matter how small.  If your 5 year old son picks up 4 out of 823 legos on the floor, praise for those 4!! Don’t focus on the 823 he missed. Start building others up and see if that child isn’t eager to pick up those other legos.  Positive breeds positive!!

I leave you today with a few quotes. John Maxwell is a great leader who Pink Zebra’s VP of sales quotes to us. Very inspiring. 

leadership-quotes-john maxwell Pink Zebra

God gives us the ability to empower others!! 

Pink Zebra Strong

Pink Zebra Leadership

Many Blessings to you!

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

Husband and Wife Team

Pink Zebra Independent Consultants

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The Brink of Destruction…

Yesterday #80 enrolled on our Pink Zebra team. I am having to wipe back tears of joy as I type this.  Our goals and dreams are slowly coming true. Kenan and I are learning so much through the journey.  It has not been easy but it sure is worth it. When I think that just 19 months ago my life changed forever.  My mother let out her last breath and her spirit went to the Lord, not only did I collapse physically, I collapsed on the inside far worse. Only God knows how bad it was.

I was on the brink of destruction. I would walk out into the woods surrounding our home and weep, cry, beg, plead, and sometimes scream at God.  The pain inside was to heavy to bear. I needed Him. He was the only one who could help. God used my husband, family, and friends to comfort me. Only God could start healing my pain, the hidden pain no one else could see. I remember one time laying under a beautiful oak tree. Nice blue sky. Early Spring. My prayer started with, “Oh God, what do I do? I’m lost. I NEED my mom. I can’t make it without her in this life. I need to see her one more time. I need to hear her voice just once more. I don’t know what I am supposed to do now. I never imagined life without my mother in it. God take me and use me. I am broken, show me your Will and take this pain!”  It was a hard season in my life and the life of my family. It was one of my defining moments in this life.  The images of my mother’s body kept replaying in my head. The images on placing her urn into the soil on top of my father’s grave and throwing the first pile of dirt on what remained of my parents.  My mother was reduced to a pretty vase. My father, 6 feet below her. I had nightmares for months and months.  Same theme different setting. It was always the funeral.  Always trying to make the arrangements.  I longed to see my mother again in my dreams if only for a little while but I still have yet to see her.  Just the images of after she died.  I have had a hard life. I have faced trials of many kinds that most people probably wouldn’t believe if I told them.  Losing her was the worst pain I have ever felt and still feel to this day.

God has graciously picked me up, dusted me off, and bandaged me back together through His Word and His children.

When Pink Zebra came along, through lots of prayer, Kenan and I knew that this was God’s Will for our family. The many months of crying in God’s arms about what do I do now were answered.  His answer was a simple one. God has a way of doing that.  Taking our most complicated, messiest, most desperate situations and giving us a simple solution. What’s funny is He knew the answer before I was ever born.  Before the world began He knew I would be down on my knees in pain with the worst broken mess I had ever been.  His answer to my pleading?

“Trust Me.”

I have always loved music. I heal through music. I can relate to so many different lyrics to so many different songs. Planning the music line up for my mother’s funeral was a challenge for me. Too many songs, not enough time. I wanted every person in that room to feel the passion and pain in each song. There is one song that stands out after my mother passed away. I put this song on repeat and cried like a baby over and over. Check out “Need You Now” by Plumb. These were my desperate pleas with God.

Sunday will be my mother’s birthday.  It feels weird not planning a celebration, picking out a gift, and the perfect card. She loved her birthdays and loved to be showered with attention and gifts. So, my gift to you is this blog post for my mother’s birthday.  I hope and pray that whatever you are going through, whatever your darkness is, something in this post will give you a glimmer of hope. A spark of purpose. A feeling of knowing, you are not alone.  You’re never alone.

I have been blessed with the gift of pain. The gift of caring more deeply and loving more intensely than I ever did before. This gift of pain I bear has helped me to help others. To encourage others, cry with others, and praise with others.  This my friends is biblical. This is God’s Will for us in Christ Jesus.  He answers our prayers always.  His Will for my life is using my pain. The path He chooses to work out those details is always different.  Who would have thought He would be using Pink Zebra to bring people into my life for me to cry with and love on? I never would have guessed it. His ways our higher than our ways.  God can and will bless you in your pain. Cry out to Him!

God is bringing our craziest dreams into reality. We see His hand in our daily lives and feel so unworthy.  Who would have thought those trivial prayers I have prayed would become something that He is doing in our lives. Greater than ever expected. Who would have thought that our dreams and passion could align with God’s Will for our lives. Hmm.  He never ceases to amaze me. He alone brought me back from the brink of destruction.

If you are hurting today, take the time to cry out to Jesus. He will hear you. You are not alone. Things will happen and mountains will move. Stay faithful, TRUST HIM!

Prayer Gods Timing

God Bless,

Emily Dibrell

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Last Day for 30% off Select Pink Zebra Items!

Hello All, I’ve been down and out the past couple weeks.  I had a miserable toothache, a week later I had it extracted, and still a week later I am battling a dry socket.  BUT working from home does have it’s perks.  I think I should get frequent flyer miles from the dentist’s office. HAHA!

Well, I’m posting this a little late and I apologize for that.  Pink Zebra’s official 3rd Birthday was on September 7th. They have a pretty impressive line up of shades and Simmering Lights on sale! Woot!

Pink Zebra 3 day sale

pink zebra home


September 9th (today) is the last day for the 30% off sale on select products. September 30th is your last chance to take advantage of such an amazing sign up special!! This is the best sign up special to date!!  Now’s the time to jump in and change your life!


I’m back to bed now to rest.  If you have any questions, please contact us!

God Bless,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Pink Zebra Beginner Basics! ZebraNet and Placing Orders!

Hello to our new team members first and foremost! We are excited to have you! Our team has hit the 77 mark! Can’t wait to see who else God brings to our amazing team!

Today I want to touch on a few quick tips for our new Consultants. 

Logging into your online “back office”.  You would be surprised how many Consultants do not know how to do this basic step. This is very important for ordering, learning vital information from the company, etc. Our company calls this ZebraNet. Go to and BOOKMARK this page. Add it to your home screen. Keep it somewhere you can easily find it. The more you grow your business, the more you will use this website. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on “Consultant Login”. A page will pop up for you to enter your Consultant ID# and password.  In the confirmation email you received when you signed up, your password and ID# will be in there.  Look through your emails from Pink Zebra Home and I’m sure you will find your welcome email. IF you cannot find it, you can call home office, the number is at the bottom of the pinkzebrahome website.

Placing your first order – There are two ways to place an order. As a customer or as a Consultant. 

Both will be found in ZebraNet under the shopping tab. 

Consultant Order – This one is pretty self explanatory as you go through the steps. Add your items to the cart. Go all the way to check out. Here is where you can either leave the order and save it for later OR you can choose to complete your order.  Hit the payment option beside the order.  You will be charged wholesale pricing (25% off retail) on ALL consultant orders. 🙂 This will count towards your sales volume at Retail price.

If you are placing a large order either from a collection of customer orders or stock orders, I recommend doing a PARTY ORDER. To count as a party your order must be a total of $150 in Retail Pricing.  Go under shopping and create a party order. You can be the host as many times as you would like on Party Orders. I have heard that other Direct Sales companies limit you.  This is not the case with Pink Zebra. There is also no time limit with our parties. Create yourself as a host. When entering your first customer order under this party, you may also register a customer as a future host by checking the box.  IF you have several orders all shipping to you, group them all under one customer. This will save on shipping!! Follow the steps from here on out. When you are done with this party you may close out the customer orders by choosing to pay with party cash as a method. This will allow you to keep your commissions and pay at wholesale pricing in the final step.  Next you are going to proceed to host rewards. Depending on your party total (before tax and shipping) you can earn a ton of free and half priced items.  Your free items can be anything in the catalog. There is no price cap! NOTE: You will be charged tax and shipping of retail price on the host items. (This covers our you know whats with Uncle Sam)

After you have entered your host order you are going to proceed to step 5, finalize the party. YOU MUST FINALIZE THE PARTY in order for it to close, ship, and count towards sales volume.  This is the part where you can pay with your credit card at your wholesale pricing. 

BAM!!! You are done and have entered your customer or stock order all while keeping your commission or saving money on wholesale pricing. 

Those are my basic steps for y’all today. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

I hope I explained this clearly for y’all. In ZebraNet under Resources, please get familiar with all the training and information in there.  Please don’t overlook this. 90% of the questions you may have about your business are covered in the Resources tab. 🙂

God Bless you all,

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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