Achieving Goals and Celebrating Milestones!

I am one very happy Zebra today!  Today is the last day of the month and for us zeebs we know that’s crunch time.   Like a lot of businesses, our end of the month is where we have to make sure all of our orders are in on time.  With Pink Zebra this is also the moment of truth for some on making that next Promotion! 

I am in awestruck wonder of the blessings brought on my team!  My good friend I have been working alongside the past 6 weeks or so, she is promoting this month to Executive Consultant!  

Our promotion list is like this: Consultant, Executive Consultant, Manager, Executive Manager, Director, Executive Director, Presidential Director.

I see Manager in Adrienne’s near future. She has set those goals and focuses on them daily.  You HAVE to have goals! Most importantly you have to celebrate those goals!!  No matter how big or small they may be.  Adrienne’s is a BIG one!! Congrats girl!

I have hit a Milestone with my team and will be celebrating!!! I am not where I want to be but I am on the right track!  Tracking your progress lets you see where you going and helps you focus.  

Today my amazing team of zebras and zebros hit 60!!! And for the first time every my team volume is over $10k!!  I never imagined my team would grow so fast!!  The amazing women and men in my life that I have met through Pink Zebra has been such a blessing.

Pink Zebra love my team

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Kenan and Emily Dibrell


Million Dollar Mind Set


One of our Pink Zebra Leader’s shared this today!  Amazing advice to get those wheels turning.  No matter what career you have chosen for your life, where do you fit? 

Thanks to Brett and Roxcee Weber for the inspiration! You can visit me online at to learn more and join us with our Million Dollar Mindset!