Pink Zebra Adventure

This weekend was a busy, fun, exciting, and crazy weekend.  We took a road trip to Houston.  Kenan and I were blessed to be invited to a meeting at our Director’s home.  When we arrived, we were instantly welcomed with the utmost hospitality.  Dana and her husband treated us as family.   Everything in their home was just beautifully decorated and the aroma in the air was amazing.  Pink Zebra simmering lights set up throughout the home gave off the perfect scent.  This woman has it down!  It was amazing to see the new products, hostess rewards, and just how amazing your home can be decorated with Pink Zebra products.  Down to the soaps and lotions in the guest bath.  One day.. I kept thinking.. one day.  

Our meeting was wonderful.  Getting to know the other PZ family members was so fun.  Everyone was so down to earth.  My husband who has been at his job for about 13 years now was taken aback at how the company is run.  Hearing all the stories of how the owners of the company treat their consultants was just shocking.  This is not your average job people.  I was so shocked and surprised when another lady and I were the two zebra’s in the room with the same amount of sales for the month and the same amount of recruits.  I didn’t realize I was doing SO well right out of the gate.  Dana graciously rewarded both of us ladies with the beautiful twig pumpkin shade cover, bling spider, and a reed vase with decor.  WOW!  Dana’s love for Pink Zebra really shines through when she is coaching and encouraging us.  Her sense of humor is great.  God truly has blessed me with such a wonderful Director in my upline.  

After leaving the party, Kenan was so encouraged and pumped up! I may have a new recruit soon.. lol.  This is something that we have been praying for for a while.  How do you work and incorporate your family into your business.  Pink Zebra offers that option.  You and your spouse can do it together.  Kenan is my better half.   Together, with the Lord, we know we have what it takes to achieve these goals.  Kenan’s job keeps him away.  It breaks our hearts but we are so thankful for the many hard hours he puts into his job to provide for us.  He hates missing the children’s events. And don’t even get me started on Christmas time.  Kenan is a UPS driver.   So this Christmas season, please be nice to your UPS guy or gal.  And as for the children. I think they love Pink Zebra as much as we do!  My oldest is upset because she is about 5 years shy of being old enough to sign up herself. lol.  But the kids do get “bonuses” for helping with labeling, order sorting, etc.   They are learning business skills that will help them in life at an early age.  

The rest of the weekend we had a wonderful time hanging out with my brother.  The kids helped make brownies with Uncle Mac. Hailee even got to decorate the Pink Zebra cake.  We had a great turn out for the party they hosted for us.  Everyone that smells Pink Zebra, loves it.  There may be some out there that do not love it like we do, but that’s ok.  We are all different.  But I have yet to meet someone who has said otherwise.  


While leaving Houston earlier this evening, I became very emotional.  The thought that so many of my friends and family have helped me launch a new product that not many people have heard about and their encouragement to see our family succeed and help launch our dreams, is overwhelming.  The fact that my Director was so excited to hear about my party and how it turned out speaks volumes.  Dana has about 780 people under her, so the fact that she took the time to text me and tell me how blessed I was speaks volumes….

My Party set-up

WP_20130929_002 WP_20130929_001

Kenan and I at the party today… Yes, the cheeseball smile on my face was on purpose… Lol!

Kenan and me

Much love and God Bless

emily baby zebra


The Journey Begins

So.. I don’t blog.  I think I made a failed attempt years ago that ended up sounding more like a diary entry!

Now I actually have something to blog about!  I am so excited about the new chapter that has begun in my life.   As most of you know I signed on with Pink Zebra.  Having never in my life done direct sales or MLM I was very skeptical when it came to taking that leap of faith. Not to mention the dent the starter kit made to our budget.  But for $99 it wasn’t as bad as most of the popular direct sales companies out there.  My husband, Kenan, and I researched for weeks all that Pink Zebra had to offer.  We couldn’t find one negative post, review, or comment about the company or the product.  I tried to sign up for two days! I couldn’t find a Consultant near by me to sign up under.  I finally found a site called Direct Sales Aid, which lead to me contact information for a Pink Zebra manager!   The next day I was signed up!!  And the journey began….