72 Hour Sale! Harvest Pumpkin and FREE Sprinkles!

This beautiful decorative shade is only available for a limited time! Sept. 22-24th! Don’t miss out.     Shop now at http://www.sprinklesoffaith.com Blessings! Emily Dibrell

Source: 72 Hour Sale! Harvest Pumpkin and FREE Sprinkles!


72 Hour Sale! Harvest Pumpkin and FREE Sprinkles!

This beautiful decorative shade is only available for a limited time! Sept. 22-24th! Don’t miss out. 

Shop now at www.sprinklesoffaith.com


Emily Dibrell


Stepping Out on Faith!

Faith is so important! Have you stepped out on faith and taken a chance on God lately?

Sprinkles of Faith, Pink Zebra, Independent Consultant

What is faith? Simply put, faith is the confidence in what we hope for and the assurance of what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1)  Stepping out on faith may be one of the scariest things out there to do.  It’s like stepping off of of our secure platform without seeing where we are going.  We just hope and have faith that something or someone will catch us.

Faith MLK

Over the past couple of years there have been several times where I have taken that leap of faith. Stepped out into the unknown and just had faith that God would make sure it was okay.

The hardest leap of faith was the conversation I had with my mom the day she decided to go onto Hospice and surrender the fight.  Every part of my being wanted to tell her to fight, don’t give up, I need you, your family needs you, what…

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Choosing a Direct Sales Company!

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Have you ever considered Direct Sales? No, it’s not a scheme. There are thousands of sound DS companies that have been around for a long time. They didn’t make a name for themselves by bad business. Ever heard of Avon, Tupperware, or Mary Kay?  These companies haven’t maintained being long standing pillars in the world of Direct Sales by scheming. I wonder just how many lives have been changed from just these 3 companies alone. 

I can tell you from personal experience that Pink Zebra has changed my life forever. It can change yours too! When I started this journey over 2 years ago, I didn’t have any experience in direct sales. My mom sold Tupperware before I was born and we always had an Avon lady at our home once a month. This was all before the internet. 

Now with an abundance of information at your fingertips, where do you go? You could get lost for hours on the cyber rabbit trail reading reviews of different companies. Here are a few suggestions from me. 

1) Look for a company that is not saturated in your area. You can usually find that info on the companies main website while doing a locator search. 

2) Consumable! A consumable product means that your customers will keep coming back for more. Make-up, Candles, etc. To me it seems non-consumable items are harder to sale. One can only have so many bags or pieces of jewelry. Don’t get me wrong, I know many women who have done very well for themselves selling non-consumable items. 

3) How old is the company? Most DS companies don’t make it past the first 2 years of business. Being one of the first has it’s perks, but what if that company goes under? Pink Zebra has been around for 4 years as of 9/15.  We’re only continuing to grow. Look for a company that is stable and has room for growth.

4) Watch out for high minimums. Most companies have a minimum purchase that is required from you. I.e. $400 every 3 months.  Pink Zebra has a low minimum. $150 every 6 months to stay active. 

5) Most important of all. Choose a company that you WANT to buy from. Discounts are offered to most consultants with any company. Choosing a company that offers you a product catagory that you already use can save you a ton of money in the long run. I.E. Pink Zebra offers Sprinkle melts and DIY candles, I have saved more than I can count on candles and wax cubes since starting my business. Since everything I purchase for myself comes at a discount of 25% off retail, I know I made a smart business decision even if I never sold to another person. The personal discount alone is worth it. 

6) Choose your sponsor wisely. Be mindful of whose team you are joining. Look for leadership qualities, passion, and dedication in your upline before you purchase your kit. Many have joined a DS company only to regret not researching their upline a little more. 

I hope the helpful hints have given you more of an understanding of what to look for in a company. Direct Sales can truly change your life, free up your schedule, put real money in your bank account, and blossom you into someone you only dreamed of becoming! 

If you’d like to chat or have questions, email me @sprinklesoffaithpz@gmail.com or call me 361-571-6297!!
Blessings Upon Blessings,

Emily Dibrell

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And The Heart Stopped..

So I’ve been abset this past week due to one of the scariest situatuions our family has been through in a long time.

Last Monday night my brother’s heart stopped. My brother in law was able to preform CPR and keep blood pumping while paramedics rushed to their home.  Steve was taken to the nearest hospital and stabilized.  Upon further tests he was lifelighted to Texas Medical Center in downtown Houston. Steve had 2 tears in his Aorta.  He would need emergency surgery to save his life.  What the doctors did, still blows my mind.  They were going to crack open his chest, repair the two tears in the aorta all while freezing his brain to stop circulation.  

For 7 long hours our family gathered. We cried together, laughed together, but mostly we prayed together.  Steve was only 49 and we were not ready to say goodbye.  God is a miracle worker for sure.  Prognosis was it could take 24 hours to 2 weeks for Steve to wake up from the surgery, he woke up in less than 6 hours!!  He would be on a ventalator for a while, that came out 2 hours after he woke up.  He would be in the hospital up to 10 days.  He was released yesterday.  A short 5 days after the surgery.  He is able to walk, sit, feed himself, and is now at home resting.  The doctor said that once he opened my brother up, he had less that 12 hours to live. This is proof that God was there, using modern medicine to save his life.  His road to recovery is nothing more than God’s hand on Steve and healing him.  By medical standards, he should not have recovered so fast. Well, they don’t know my God!  He’s been working mircales for thousands of years, yeah.. He’s got this.

Thank you for all of those that messaged, called, texted, and prayed for my brother.  Our whole family got a reality check.  We lost our mom 2 years ago and the thought of losing Steve too was just too much to bear.  

We are truly blessed.  

Today would have been my mom’s 77th birthday.  Happy Birthday to you mom in Heaven.  It’s hard celebrating without you here with us, but I know you’re celebrating up there.  In the arms of our Savior Jesus Christ.

I pray for many blessings for you today. That you could see the hand of God as clearly as we have this past week.  Cherish these memories you have with your loved ones while they are still here.  You never know when the heart will stop.

Blessings upon Blessings,

Emily Dibrell

Steve walking me down the aisle at our wedding.

Steve walking me down the aisle at our wedding.

Home and Resting

Home and Resting

Welcome Lanterns!

Pink Zebra’s welcome lanterns are elegant shades! They make your home’s first impression be, “WOW.”

Telephone Booth Shade Pink Zebra

Call Me! Phone Booth Shade stands 12.25″H!

Pink Zebra's Peace on Earth Chruch Shade

Peace On Earth Church Shade – 15.25″ H

Persian Lantern Shade by Pink Zebra!

Persian Lantern Shade 14.8″ H

Stag Lantern Shade by Pink Zebra

Stag Lantern Shade! 15″ H

Watchmen's Lantern Shade by Pink Zebra

Watchmen’s Lantern Shade 19.5″ H

Use our Lantern Shades with either a Simmering Light base or a candle!! Great for lighting that porch on cold winter nights!

Which is your favorite?! I would love to hear from you!

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Emily Dibrell


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Eclectic Chic – Hip, Sassy, and Way Cool!

Pink Zebra Skull Shade

Pink Zebra’s new line called Eclectic Chic calls us to be bold!

Step away from the traditional, these one of a kind shades were designed to be really hip, sassy and way cool!!

Pink Zebra's Gunmetal Skull Shade. Works with a Simmering Light or Candle!

Gumental Skull Shade! Works with a Glimmer Candle too!

Visiual Impace Geo Shade from Pink Zebra

Visual Impact – Geo Square Shade & liner/dish included!

Muted Scrolls Shade - Pink Zebra - Visual Impact

Visual Impact – Muted Scrolls Shade w/ liner/dish

Pink Zebra's Tranquility Shade. Use with Simmering Lights or Glimmer Candles!

Tranquility Shade! Safe with Glimmer Candles!

Pink Zebras Wine Bottle Shade

Wine Bottle Shade! 15″ tall! Use with Simmering Light or Glimmer Candle!

These Shades not only pop, but are finely crafted and detailed to give a one-of-a-kind look.

Moroccan Oil Rubbed Bronze Pink Zebra

Metal Cutout Moroccan Shade – Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Metal Branches Shade Pink Zebra!

Our Branches Metal Shade is one of my favorites! Change your liner out for different times of the day! Gold, Black, or Blue!!!

Bling Shade Pink Zebra - Bling Bling!

Bling Brilliant Shade! Fot those Divas who like a little bling bling!

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Blessings Upon Blessings!

Emily Dibrell