So You Joined Pink Zebra, Now What?

First a big welcome to all of my new team members and other new zebra’s who may be reading this!  You have joined an amazing company!!

I hope I can cover some basic steps as to what to expect and things to do as you launch your new business.  If you have any questions about anything in this blog or anything I failed to mention, shoot me an email @ or add me on Facebook!  

Please keep in mind these are the steps I took when I first started. I did not have an upline to help me.  This is what worked best for me.  Of course you can take these steps and make them your own.

Start a Facebook Fan Page!  Make sure you include Pink Zebra, Independent Consultant in your title.  While you do own your own business, you are still a Consultant. You can view mine here for an idea. Invite ALL of your friends and family to like it.  Also, make sure that the pictures you are adding to your page are current and up to date.  I see so many consultants post pictures of products that we haven’t carried in a while.  You do not want to be misleading to your potential customers.

Order Business Cards!  This is a MUST for any business owner and you are NOW ONE! is who I recommend.  I’ve always ordered through them and they are a great value.  Use coupon code THANKS15 to receive 15% off your order.  You can order 250 or 500. It just depends.  I started small and have changed a few times over the year. I like to keep a picture of current product on them.  

Plan Your Launch Party! This is very important to your business. It does not have to be a huge party.  You do not have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on decorations.  This launch party could be as simple as inviting everyone over for wine and cheese, or a BBQ.  Keep it simple! Don’t stress yourself out. IF you choose to order more product before your launch party to display. Keep it simple. Order a carton of Sprinkles, a full size lotion or soap, and possibly another shade.  It’s always nice to give your guest a visual of the size of the products and how easy it is to switch out shades.  This is completely optional.  The only thing I purchased before my launch party besides my kit of course, was a carton of Sprinkles. If you do not have a great turn out, you need not panic or think you have failed.  Host another one in a couple of weeks. Some of my best parties at my house have not been a “Pink Zebra Party”. I have invited friends and family over for BBQ and drinks while placing Pink Zebra items on display.  People will not feel pressured to buy if they come and you can really get some good one on one time with people this way.

Math Time! You are going to need to know your tax rate for your state/city.  Log into your backoffice. Under Reports –> Sales Tax Look Up. This will give you the correct rate to charge for tax. Remember to add shipping charges before tax.  Good old Uncle Sam requires us to pay taxes on shipping.

Get Familiar with ZebraNet!  This little document is located in your back office or ZebraNet. So many more tidbits of knowledge are now online then when I started.  

1. Log Into ZebraNET And Review The Menu>1st 90 Days.
2. Review The Quick Start PDF And Set A Plan To Earn 575
Pink Dollars toward FREE Products.
3. Set 3 Goals I Want To Accomplish In My Business And How
They Can Help My Family Or Myself.
4. Create My F-R-A-N-K List Found In The Getting Started
Guide PDF.
5. Set Up My Launch Parties.
 Set up 2 launch parties within 48 – 72 hours of each other. Why?
This will help for those who can’t attend your first party (provides
you a simple, “Oh I understand, that is why I have another date on
____!” and will help you with more sales and bookings toward your
Quick Start Rewards!
6. Set Up My Facebook Page and Join Consultant Corner To
Connect With Others About My New Business.
 Make sure you follow the Social Media Guidelines for properly
naming your page. (Review Marketing and Advertising in your
policy manual).
 Join the Company sponsored Facebook Consultant Corner by
having your upline follow the steps outlined on ZebraNET Main
7. Get To Know My ZebraNET.
 Spend time viewing menus and sign up for the upcoming Training
Webinar under Calendar.
8. Set Up My Account With My Credit Card And Direct Deposit
 Simply go to ZebraNET>My Account
9. Order Business Cards And Set Up A Checking Account For
My Business.
10. Get To Know My New Company
 Review the catalog and the Product FAQ PDF

Learn your product! Spend time learning your product!! You need to know what are Sprinkles are made of if someone asks. You need to know if there are any harmful chemicals in our products.  What is the average burn time on a scoop. Do our Sprinkles work with a Scentsy warmer? Do Scentsy bars work in our warmers, etc. The answer to both of those is yes!  Learn the catalog. When someone asks you about our Glimmer Candles, know which page or area in the catalog they are on.  If you love the product and have confidence in our brand, then you will show that to others. 

Set Goals! These are different for everyone. That’s the beauty of running your own company.  Quick Starts are the best way to set goals if you are not quite sure where you are headed with your business. Our Quick Start program is awesome and well worth the effort it takes.  

Quick Start Sales Level 1 –  1st 30 days- You Achieve $500 in sales (that’s retail not wholesale) you are awareded $75 in Pink Dollars which can be used to purchase any product.  Your 30 days starts the day you order your kit.

Level 2- $1000 in personal sales between days 31-60 and receive $125 Pink Dollars.  NOTE: Pink Dollars roll over. If you do $800 in you first 30 days, $300 will roll over to your second quick start.

Level 3- $1000 in personal sales between days 61-90 you receive $150 Pink Dollars

If you hit all 3 quick starts, that’s $350 in FREE PRODUCT!

If you don’t hit Quick Start 1, you can still hit QS2 and 3!

Quick Start Sponsoring Bonus – In your first 90 days we have a program for sponsoring! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SPONSOR ANYONE. Pink Zebra is not one of those companies that pushes you to build a team and sponsor people. You CAN if you choose like Kenan and I have done. If you DO want to build a team, in your first 90 days, your first 3 recruits who hit their QS1 ($500 in first 30 days) You will get $75 Pink Dollars for each recruit! That’s another $225 in FREE PRODUCT!

Quick Start Flyer

Quick Start Flyer

I wish every one of you that is looking to join, has joined recently, or is looking to restart their business the best of luck.  Kenan and I would love to hear from you! Please, please, please do not hesitate to contact me with ANY questions you may have. It doesn’t matter if you are on my team or not. I love to help.

Welcome to the Pink Zebra team!

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell


Making Your Own Scents, Makes Scents, Right?

Recently I have had a lot of people just go on an on about Pink Zebra to me.  Customers and Consultants both.  I have run across one running theme besides the amazingly positive atmosphere.  Here it is… You get to make your own fragrances. 

Now if you are a big time home fragrance freak like many of us today, you can understand where I am coming from.  You go to a retail store and they have a selection of scents. You may LOVE the Berry Cobbler scent but you notice that there for a while it’s a little too strong (almost headache strong) and then it usually fades away quickly.  

Imagine you get 2 jars of Pink Zebra Sprinkles.  A nice berry scents. Say Fresh Raspberry and Cake Batter.  You put half a scoop of raspberry and half a scoop of cake batter.  You realize after a short while that the berry is a little overwhelming.  Add a little bit more cake batter. Heck, get creative. If you have additional scents on hand.  Throw a little Vanilla Creme in there to tone it down. You just make a new recipe and you can call it whatever you want! Cobbler ala mode? Raspberry Cake? The choices are limitless on how many different scents you can create by adding a little or a lot. It’s Uniquely Yours!!!  

We do have our own recipes that we as Consultants share.  We enjoy mixing and matching scents! I wonder if I can call myself a mixologist from now on. 

So there is your little tidbit from me today! Go check out my Facebook page! I now have a section for reviews. Read what other’s are saying!

Until text time, Stay Warm and Well Fed!

Kenan and Emily Dibrell


Pink Zebra Mixed Jars

So You Want to Be a Top Producer in Business?

People at the top of the proverbial food chain in Direct Sales didn’t get there by waiting for opportunities to fall into their lap.  They did not sit around the house or play on Facebook all day. Learn from those at the top. Align yourself with like minded people who are headed where you are going or are already there. Think positive and hammer it! Working hard for 2-5 years vs waiting to retire at age 65 and still be living paycheck to paycheck!  Change your life, change your direction.  

Here are 10 keys to get to the top!

10 Strategies for Being a Top 10 Producer.

1. Hard Work. Top producers bust it. Laziness isn’t a top 10 quality. You must have the willingness to bust your chops and stay at it. You’ll be ripping through some calories to the top 10 in anything you do. Physical and mental challenges are part of the climb to the top.

2. Focus. Top people do ONE thing damn good. They are NOT a “jack of all trades”, but a MASTER of one. Remember that if you’re working more than one direct sales business and wondering why you’re struggling or your check is small.

3. Belief. They know they can do it. They see it before they get there. The PICTURE is clear. It’s only a matter of time before they arrive.

4. Investment of Time. Most mega-producers have been around for a while, paying their dues, putting time in, and mastering their craft. Hours, even years of preparation time occur before they hit the big time.

5. Tenacity. Sounds ridiculously simple, perhaps to the point of silliness, but you’ll never make it to the top of a mountain you stop climbing.

6. Humility. No matter where you are or how big your britches get, the moment your ego takes over to the point of absolute arrogance, you’re done. Confidence is critical. Belief in self is huge. But, get a God complex and you’re done. You’re not God, so stop pretending to be. One of the most attractive qualities in a hugely successful person is humility. How indescribably attractive is that? To see someone with such mega, monstrous success, still be so human, real and touchable. After all, they ARE only human.

7. A Pure and Loving Heart. When a person operates from an authentic, real, loving and caring place, it becomes almost effort “less” to attract people to follow you. When you really do care and it SHOWS through your actions, business becomes easy.

8. A Clear Path. These people know exactly where they are going before they even start. Makes it a heck of a lot easier getting someplace when you know EXACTLY where you are going.

9. Take Responsibility. There’s nobody that’s going to get you there but you. The moment you begin to accept responsibility for all that you do, is the moment you begin your breakthrough into any top 10.

10. Embrace Change. Change is inevitable and is all around us. Your willingness to accept things you cannot control and make the best of every situation is surely going to lead you upward.

-Todd Falcone

You can learn more about Todd and his success here

August will be over before we know it.  There is still time to take advantage of our awesome sign up special.  Do you want to change your life? Would you consider being our business partner? 



Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Don’t Look Back! Moving Forward in Life!

Don't look back!

It’s hard not to look back. The past hurt. We have scars that we wear with pride.  You need to learn from the past, move forward, and use that knowledge to help others.  Many of us have friends and family going through something we have previously been through.  That is when we can come in and help them.  You have a deeper feeling, deeper understanding, and deeper compassion. I want to grow as a person. I want to take what the past taught me and use it for good.  

Too many people live in the past, too many people live in the future. Live in today, plan for tomorrow, and learn from the past.

What are some ways you are going to use your past for good? The pain, the suffering, the broken homes, the illness.  How are you going to use that?  Don’t let it define you, let it be your driving force!

Pink Zebra Future!

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Blessing to you and yours!

The Right Time?

Last week was very exciting! Four new Zebra’s decided to join our herd. My team has now grown to 65 Consultants in a year.  Who would have thought?!  I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in the future.  I am praying, praying, praying for my promotion to Executive Manager! This next promotion will be a significant one. Promoting to EM will have it’s perks. I will receive a Paisley charm bracelet upon promotion.  What I am really looking forward to is the chance to help train and teach other consultants through Rallies and Reunion classes.  I have a passion for helping others.  A whole new door will be opened for my family as we make that next leap up the career ladder.  I know Momma will be happy with all I have done in her honor.  

My question to you is, what is stopping you from joining my team?  You’ve researched Pink Zebra, looked at the website 14 times in a month, what’s stopping you?  I hear some people tell me that it’s just the timing.  Now just isn’t a good time.  I understand there are times in your life where you just have to say no to some things.  What I have learned in life is this: You will never be ready. Let me say that again.. “You will never be ready!” If we all waited for perfect timing, we would never do anything.  We would never go anywhere or become anything.  Do what it is you want to do today. Make a decision and stick with it! Start living your life and stop waiting for “the right time”.  

Is there something you have been needing to do?  A relationship that needs mending, a chore that needs tackled, a new career that is staring you in the face? DO IT! Don’t wait!  Take action and DO IT!  Be a doer and not just a hearer or thinker.

I challenge you today to step outside of that comfort zone! I dare you to do something you never thought you would be able to do. I’m telling you to hit your knees and pray today! 

Right Time Pink Zebra

Stay Warm and Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Rockin’ Direct Sales – Thirty-One Gifts with Latina Broxton

I am ecstatic to start on this new blogging adventure!  I have some amazing women lined up for y’all to take a look at! These women are rocking their direct sales business!! Take a moment and let’s look at our sweet Latina with Thirty-One! 

Rockstar Thirty One Gifts

Hi I’m Latina Broxton, Independent Sr Consultant with Thirty-One Gifts.
Thirty-one Gifts is a home based party plan business that specializes in
trendy purses totes, accessories and other organizational 
products with a touch of personalizing (embroidery offered on most
Items). We are a faith based company and I especially love that
We are encourage to put God first , family and career on those order!
Great formula for success!
 I am a wife, mother of two very active boys and I currently work
a full-time job also as an analyst for an educational consortium.
Thirty-One is my “fun job”.  We love to Celebrate Encourage and reward our
customers, hostesses, and consultants by offering monthly 
Specials, hostess rewards an discounts as well as lots 
of incentives for our consultants.
I love so many of the products but we are known for our 
thermals and our utility totes.  We are staying on
cutting edge by adding new products to our line with three
catalogs a year!
My favorite product this month is the chili-cious thermals which are on special this
month. Spend $35 and get a chilli-cious thermal
For only$10.  Great for back to school! My lil
One loves it!
That’s the great thing about Thirty-One Gifts.
There’s something for everyone!! People ask me all
The time how many bags do I need….I remind them
That we are thirty-One gifts not Thirty-One Bags, so as long
As someone had a birthday, there’s a baby being born,
someone is graduating or getting married, as long 
as there is an occasion there’s always a need for a gift.
hence Thirty-one gifts.  And nothing says that you are 
special more than a personalized gift. 
There’s always a special  and hosting a party comes with lots
Of great rewards! Becoming a consultant comes with 
Some of the  greatest rewards, financial freedom,
Lifetime friendships and relationships as well as
Professional development that you can apply to most any
career as well as life.  Life really is 31derful!!!!
My contact info:  
Join Thirty One Gifts
I personally LOVE thirty-one! Their bags are of amazing quality. Take a look at a few favs from Latina.
Thirty One Bags
Thirty One bags
Hello Adorable bag pink
My personal favorite. You can fit a ton of sprinkles in these bags!

My personal favorite. You can fit a ton of sprinkles in these bags!

Thank you so much Latina for allowing me to showcase your business! Keep on rocking it! Blessings to you and yours!  

 I will be showcasing a new Rockstar every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!  These men and women are amazing and working their business.  We are all one step closer to financial freedom!  Direct Sales isn’t what it used to be!!

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Stay warm and well fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

Exciting New Adventures on the Way!

Friday will mark my one year anniversary with Pink Zebra and oh what a ride it has been!  To me it’s like having a new baby and not being able to remember your life before the baby.  That’s how I feel with Pink Zebra!  

To celebrate my Zebraversary, I will be giving away a Pink Zebra birthday basket loaded with goodies to anyone who personally enrolls through me this week! Offer is valid until 8/16 11pm CST and there is NO limit! That’s an extra $40 in PZ product, just for signing up under me this week! WOOT! I love birthdays! Click on the link below!




I am also starting on a new adventure this week! Part of the reason I love Pink Zebra so much is helping others find their passion! Starting tomorrow and continuing every Tuesday and Thursday until further notice, I will be featuring a Direct Sales company and a special consultant.  You will see how many amazing people there are working there direct sales business.  Remember, when you buy from a direct sales consultant, you are helping boost the economy and help out a man or woman with day care, dance classes, college expenses, etc.  This is why I am such a firm believer in buying from direct sales companies.  Lord knows when someone orders products through me instead on lesser quality items found at Wal-Mart, it helps put food on the table for our family of 7! Imagine what Christmas would be like if at least 50% of the retail sales this year went back into us men and women out there instead of these large companies.  Our lives would change. 

Look for my blog tomorrow! I will be kicking off our Featured Consultant with Thirty-One bags!  You’re going to love what you see!

Stay warm and well fed!


Emily and Kenan Dibrell

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