Black Friday Deals! Free Shipping!!

On top of our already marked 25% off sale items, Kenan and I are throwing in free shipping on all orders from now until 11/29 at 8pm!!  This offer is valid only through us.

Visit our amazing selection of Simmering Lights, Shades, Home Decor and SPRINKLES!!!  Move over cubes!

Click on picture to visit our online catalog!

Click on picture to visit our online catalog!

Now we are combining both of our sign up specials!! $25 back in your pocket for Kenan and me PLUS $25% off the starter kit!! Don’t miss out on this risk free chance to change lives, including yours!

Click on the picture below to join our amazing family of zebras!!!!!

Black Friday Sign Up Special

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Be Warm and Well Fed!

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Stay Positive!

At times it is so difficult to stay positive and there are times that I do fail to keep this mindset.  The holiday season is bringing around memories of mom and the fact that wherever she was, was home.  That is gone now.  The memories are precious and I love to share the stories with my children. I even miss her off key singing and our arguments!  If I could just argue with Mom one more time.. I know a lot of y’all will understand that.

One of the best ways to help me stay positive besides prayer is quotes.  I like to read quotes, watch inspirational videos, music videos with a great story behind it.  You HAVE to FORCE yourself to focus on that positive forward motion.. Here are some of my favorite quotes.  Enjoy!

MLK Inspiration

Out of the Storm

Love Thy Neighbor

Million Dollar Work Ethic

She builds others

Pink Zebra Journey

What if you fly?

Heart For LOVE

Be Warm and Well Fed,

Emily Dibrell

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Pink Zebra’s Black Friday Specials start NOW!

I love doing some early Black Friday shopping! I have been so thankful for online buying options! I would much rather take advantage of specials from the comfort of my warm home.  I do most of my Christmas shopping online anyway. With kids in tow it’s difficult to sneak a present into the basket or swear one child to secrecy when I pick up something for their older siblings. Plus I would much rather give my hard earned money to other men and women like me.  Working their own business and saving up for Christmas shopping or helping the needy.

Pink Zebra has released an early Black Friday sale!! I will be taking advantage of these specials!  I like to give our warmers with a shade and jar of sprinkles for gifts.  They make fantastic gifts that everyone raves about!  Whatever your budget, big or small. Whoever you are shopping for, men, women, older, or younger, we have something for everyone!  You can visit our full catalog here.  To order online simply click the picture below! Happy shopping!

Click on the picture to visit our website!

Click on the picture to visit our website!

For those of you who have been on the fence about joining our team and starting your own business, our starter kits are on sale AND have many extra perks for joining in November!

Click to join our team and start your own business!!

Click to join our team and start your own business!!

Be Warm And Well Fed,

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

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Pink Zebra Journey

Pink Zebra Joining Special!

Pink Zebra Join Special

Pink Zebra has an amazing enrollment incentive going on from now until 11/28!!  For every new business partner I enroll, Pink Zebra will pay me $25 and I am passing that on to you!!  *insert best infomercial voice* BUT WAIT there’s more!!  Not only do you get $25 cash, you will also receive 5,000 points towards our Jamaica Incentive Trip, AND an extra $200 in Pink Dollars (in-store credit) with your Quick Starts.   Our quick starts are an awesome reward and easy to achieve!  Sell $500 in product (that’s retail pricing not our wholesale discount) and you receive $75 Pink Dollars, but if you join in November you will get an additional $100 for a total of $175 Pink Dollars!!  Quick Start 2 is selling an additional $1000 in product. For hitting your quick start 2 you receive $125 Pink Dollars, but again, for joining in November, you will get an additional $100 Pink Dollars for a total of $225!!!

Starter kits start at $99 for $240 worth of product.

$25 Cash from us.

5000 points towards Jamaica

The potential to earn $400 in FREE product in your first 60 days!

Pink Zebra Join