Gone From My Site…

The Dying Expericence… 

Today I was cleaning out some of my filing cabinets and stumbled upon a small book I was given by hospice shortly before my mother passed away. A flood of emotions came back as I flipped through it’s short, yet impactful pages.

The book was written by Barba Karnes, RN.  In a nutshell it prepares the loved ones that will be left behind what will happen physically and emotionally to the patient that is transitioning between worlds. 

Gone From My Site has a peom on the last page of it. This I must share with you.

I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean.  She is an object of beauty and strength.  I stand and watch her until at length she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and the sky come to mingle with each other.

Then somone at my side says: “There, she is gone!”

“Gone where?”

Gone from my sight. That is all. She is just as large in the mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and she is just as able to bear th eload of living freight to her destined port.

Her diminshed size is in me, not in her.  And just at the moment when somone at my side says: “There, she is gone!” There are other eyes watching her comng, and other voices ready to take up the glad shout: “Here she comes!”

And that is dying.  – Henry Van Dyke

Visit http://www.bkbooks.com to get your copy.

Be blessed and take comfort in knowing they are not gone, just gone from your site.


Emily Dibrell

Revelation 2:14 Death of Mother/loved one


Country Charm!

Pink Zebra’s Country Charm line is simply adorable! Vintage Americana is both a little bit country and a whole lot of charming.  These shades are sure to bring a sense of delight to your home decor!

Blooming Vine Shade. Pink Zebra Country Charm Series

Vintage Red Pickup Truck - Pink Zebra Simmering Light

Hedgehog Shade from Pink Zebra

Fox Shade from Pink Zebra

Weathervane Shade from Pink Zebra

Chef Pig Shade from Pink Zebra

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Emily Dibrell

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Emily Dibrell

Addicted to Periscope!

One of my fellow Pink Zebra sisters started using Periscope a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been hooked from that point on!!!!! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Periscope, it’s a recently launched Social Media platform thru Twitter. It’s taking the shareable moments to a whole new level!! Now you can broadcast live anywhere you are! Periscope is approximetly 5 months old and already has 10 million users worldwide. While this app is not yet available on Windows, you can grab the free app on Android or IOS. 

The weath of information running thru Periscope is amazing! I’ve personally gained almost 100 followers in less 4 days from my first broadcast!! Goodbye Facebook. Now videos called “scopes”are only saved for 24 hours, you have the option to save to your device and upload elsewhere. You can do private scopes, share other useres scopes on Twitter, and my favorite perk is the hearts! Yes I said hearts! During a live scope or playback you can tap your screen to give the user hearts. The more hearts, the higher your ranking!

Go check it out. It’s something new and exciting for those of us that are getting bored with Facebook, Instagram, etc!! 

Tell me what you think!!! 

Love, Emily


When You Feel Like Giving Up…

giving up quote direct sales network marketing

Giving up is easy. Pushing forward is hard. 

The last two years since I started my own Direct Sales business there have been countless times I was ready to throw in the towel. That’s it.. I’m done.. I can’t do this anymore, are just a few of the phrases that have come out of my mouth. Tears… Oh yeah. You can bet I’ve cried my fair share of tears over my business. People quit on me, someone said something ugly to me, I missed the promotion, things aren’t moving forward as fast as I want them to.  Does this sound familiar?  If so keep reading.

What if we were to have given up when times got hard? We can quit a job, move, but we can’t quit life. We still wake up everyday to a new sunrise. Life keeps moving forward. Time doesn’t stop. 

I’ve had a rough several years under my belt. Having my mother move into a nursing home, countless trips to the E.R., hospital stays, financial problems, hospice, and finally her funeral.  I’ve been dreaming about her every night lately. It’s hard to function when I wake. Reality comes back and I realize that she isn’t here. I’ve cried and begged God for a time out! Just a few minutes, make the clock stop. It never happens. 

When I feel like quitting God reminds me, the answers are always in his Word. Abraham never quit trusting God. Moses wandered the desert for 40 years. Esther went before the king to save her people. Paul was beaten and broken.  Jesus knew how He would die but still willingly went to the cross.  Throughout the whole bible are stories of amazing men and women who didn’t give up. King David wanted to.. He cried out to God day and night. He kept going and was richly blessed.  

So what do we do when we feel like giving up? A wise man once said,”Never quit on a bad day.” Read the bible, take the day off, take a walk, turn your phone off. When you’ve come to the end of your rope, keep hanging on. The emotion will pass. Then you try ONE MORE TIME.  How many people have quit without trying one more time? 

It’s been 2 years and I’m still with my company. I am grateful for my husband and friends who wouldn’t let me quit. Don’t let fear own you. Try one more time! Stick with whatever you are doing and give it one more shot. So many people quit when the road seems impossible. Not knowing they were SO close to their breakthrough. You have to go through it to get there.  Trust me my friends, it’s worth it.

So take a day off, go to a movie, hang with friends or family, anything besides what you feel like quitting. Then come back and give it one more shot. If you’re reason why is big enough, you’ll keep going. Just like Jesus did.

Blessings to you,

Emily Dibrell

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Micheal Jordan famous Failures in business and life
Coca-Cola didn't give up! Keep going!

Ways To Earn Income – Pink Zebra Home

Leo Wolf of Wallstreet make money

 Over 26K people will join a Direct Sales company such as Pink Zebra or Scentsy every day! Why? Did you know the American Dream is changing?  The dream that was once Corporate America, separation of work and home, has changed.  With Generation Y taking over and half the population being under the age of 30, times are changing. People are looking for a job where they can intergrate it into their lives.  Working from home has become more and more popular each year.  Did you know that 82% of women who make over six figures a year do so thru Direct Sales?!  Think about that for a minute.  What are these women doing differently that Corporate American women?  They have learned how to intergrate work and home together!!! 

Direct Sales in a way for women to shine! Step out of their comfort zones, feel human again, and change their lives.  It has mine..  Look at the ways to earn with Pink Zebra!

There are many fun and easy ways to earn money with Pink Zebra!  

  1. Discount  – If you joined Pink Zebra JUST for the discount you will be saving money!  Your starter kit comes packed with over $240 worth of awesome products for just $99!!  As a Pink Zebra Consultant you will save 25% for life on all your favorite products!  I know there are some wax hoarders out there. It’s ok, I’m not judging. I am a Sprinkle hoarder myself.  This just tells me you want your house to smell good! 
  2. Selling -So you sign up, get your starter kit and have a launch party. A launch party is EZPZ. Have some friends and family over for a BBQ or Margarita night.  All you have to do is show them Pink Zebra’s amazing products and they will be in love.  Ask friends to host a party for you to help you get your presentation down.  You will earn 25% of everything you sell!  The majority of Consultants earn their initial investment back on their kit at their launch party!  $400 party, that’s $100 in your pocket! Oh yeah!   Keep in mind that leading brands like Scentsy make you purchase your product at full price and then pay you commissions on that once a month.  Sorry but I like money whenever I need it! 
  3. Enhanced Commissions – Once your monthly SV (Sales Volume) gets to $900 you will earn and extra 5% commission back on your monthly paycheck!  Reach $2000 or more is SV and you will get an extra 5% taking your total earnings up to 35%!! Woohoo  
  4. Building a Team – Now this is NOT required.  You are not going to be pressured to start building a downline if that is not what you want.  I’m talking to those of you who want to see lots of zeros on your paycheck!  Now it won’t happen overnight but if you keep working and building IT WILL HAPPEN!  As you can see from the chart below, each promotion gets you more commissions on your downline.  Let me just say residual income is something that I would walk through a brick wall to get. It pays you over and over again.  
  5. Awards and IncentivesQuick Starts (pictured below) – Your first 90 days with Pink Zebra you have the opportunity to earn Pink Dollars.  Pink Dollars are basically in store credit with PZ.  You are rewarded with a shopping spree of goodies to spend however you would like!  Incentive Trips are a yearly reward for those who earn enough points to go.  Last year was Jamaica which we earned.  This year is Costa Rica! 5 days 4 nights all inclusive resort!  I’m telling you, these trips are awesome.  If you cannot go on the trip you can choose an ipad, laptop, or 900 Pink Dollars.  Custom Jewelry is given at levels of promotions. Managers recieve a custom paisley necklace, and the rewards for promotions just get better and better along with those paychecks getting bigger and bigger!

Pink Zebra Comp plan ways to earn money

This is all ways to earn income without the hassle of an 8-5 job.  Do you need $500 a week, a month?  What do you need to survive and keep those paychecks growing.  You can do Pink Zebra part time and eventually fire your boss and retire your husband.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know that in a couple years you could be working from home and have financial freedom, all from Sprinkles?!  

Pink Zebra is continuing to grow at a fast pace making us one of the top 10 fastest growing Direct Sales companies in the US.  We haven’t even gone international yet!  Wouldn’t you like to be on board when we do?

We’ve been working our Pink Zebra business for two years now and have NEVER regretted our choice.  Once you SEE the HUGE opportunity in front of you, you won’t turn back!! Promise!

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Have a blessed week!! Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!!

Kenan and Emily Dibrell

Here’s some humor but stone cold reality!! 

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Pink Zebra – Change Your Fragrance, Change Lives!

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Change is a good thing! Be a part of an amazing story!

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